About Rokenbok Education

Our Mission

Our mission is to help children (especially girls, children from low-income families, and minorities) prepare for a lifetime of learning about science and technology.

Our Vision:

We believe that all children should experience, at the earliest possible moment, that they are designers and makers who can shape their own worlds. We believe that all educators can be confident STEM mentors, guiding students in meaningful, project-based practices that unite content knowledge and skill. We know that on-going participation in STEM learning, starting from the very beginning of students’ academic careers, will increase the number of students seeking STEM careers in college and beyond. 

Who We Serve:

Rokenbok Education provides applied technology and engineering learning experiences for school-age students. Rokenbok produces affordable Mobile STEM Labs and STEM-Maker Curriculum for Schools and Youth Service Organizations. Much of Rokenbok's work is focused on designing professional learning experiences that allow teachers and youth services providers to become confident STEM mentors.

Academic Partners: 

Research and curriculum has been developed in collaboration with universities and organizations expert in STEM education and child development. Most notably, Pittsburg State University has been using Rokenbok for over ten years in the instruction of technology education teachers.

Board & Staff

Paul Eichen, Executive Director & Trustee 

Paul Eichen is a former technology executive who has transitioned to nonprofit work. Paul holds a Masters in Nonprofit Leadership and Management from the University of San Diego, and has served on a variety of nonprofit boards including San Diego Coastkeeper and The San Diego Foundation. He currently serves on the board of The Little Village Foundation and the advisory committee for the NSF-Funded EC[O] STEM research program at the Ruben H. Fleet Science Center. 


Travis Good, Chairperson 

Travis is chairman of Rokenbok Education and more broadly focuses on the emerging impact of the maker movement on libraries, makerspaces, museums, incubators, schools, companies, and civic government. Prior to that he served as VP of Technology and Operations for AOL Latin America. 

Amy Carstensen, Vice-Chairperson 

Amy Carstensen was the founder and Executive Director for Olivewood Gardens and Learning Center in National City, CA. Olivewood is a nonprofit that focuses on science based environmental education lessons, hands-on gardening, and hands-on cooking. 

Jim Stone, Treasurer & Trustee 

Jim Stone is the Executive Director of the Elementary Institute of Science (EIS), a learning center that provides hands-on experiences in science, technology, engineering, and math for underserved students. Before joining the staff of EIS, Jim served as Executive Director of Circulate San Diego, a nonprofit organization that focuses on improving transportation and land use in the San Diego region. 

Michael W. Hager, Ph.D., Trustee 

Dr. Michael W. Hager was the President & CEO of the San Diego Natural History Museum for 25 years, and has been in the museum pr ofession since graduating from Grinnell College in 1965. 

John Alexander, Trustee 

John Alexander was the first Executive Director at Mama’s Kitchen, a meal delivery service for people living with HIV and cancer. Mr. Alexander has also served as the Executive Director of Naked Angels theatre company in New York and Diversionary Theatre in San Diego. Mr. Alexander is currently Senior Programs Director at Elements Partnership. 

John Kiester, COO 

John Kiester is a technology oriented executive that has divided his career between Proxima Corporation, Proxima Europe BV, Rokenbok Toy Company and is now Chief Operating Officer of Rokenbok Education. 


Christine Norris, Senior VP of Client Services 

Christine has spent 19 years with Rokenbok. She has overseen product management, marketing communications and is currently working with client services and channel management. 


Ryan Neden, Director of Education 

Ryan holds a BS degree in Technology Education, and is a former middle-school STEM Educator. Ryan leads the development of Rokenbok products and STEM-Maker Curriculum. Ryan has a passion for developing fun and engaging learning experiences for students and educators. 


David Emery, Director of Professional Learning 

David draws on 10 years of practice as an experiential educator, trainer, and teacher to create and deliver engaging professional development opportunities for Rokenbok Education’s clients and resellers.


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