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What is Rokenbok?

Rokenbok is a construction toy system that promotes STEM learning through hands-on exploration and play! Children build their own Rokenbok cities and then use remote control vehicles, conveyor belts, and chute systems to interact with their creations. Rokenbok encourages kids of all ages to come together to engage in fun and meaningful play. What will your family build first?

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Love all things construction? Check out our family-friendly video gallery with hundereds of ROK-tastic construction videos. Enjoy!

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Calling Tomorrow's Engineers

Even young children can learn important concepts about design and engineering. Rokenbok teaches kids to make things that do things. In fact, playing with construction manipulatives has been proven to help with school readiness skills, develop spatial awareness, and cognitive development. Additionally, children exposed to this type of media have higher STEM affinity and are more likely to enter into a STEM related career. Rokenbok's design and engineering system supports learning by being easy to use, but always carrying to potential for great complexity. This creates an ideal learning environment for young minds to play and explore. 

Learning Benefits

Engaging Play Never Grows Old

Rokenbok offers something engaging and challenging for everyone. Utilizing one continuous design and engineering system Rokenbok scales all the way from building blocks to programmable robotics, layering on challenge and complexity at every new level. Kids can start by building simple models with ROK Blocks but those same blocks can be used with our most advanced ROK-duino (Arduino) processors.

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