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  • Includes two interactive machines: Loader Vehicle & Automatic Conveyor.
  • Controlled by New ROK Star technology; controls every Rokenbok machine with a single controller.
  • Modular, works with all Rokenbok machines, building and construction sets.

The ROK Works building set promotes dynamic & engaging play! 

It includes a complete building set and has everything you need to start your Rokenbok World. And, they are fully modular, which means they works with all Rokenbok machines and building and construction sets.

Put the remote control Loader to work with the included ROK Star Controller. Steer it left and right. Spin it. Back it up. Scoop and haul ROK balls. Then dump your load of ROK balls into the Motorized Conveyor and watch it automatically come to life. ROKs are lifted into a chute system where they are sorted and stored in spring-loaded dumping bins, all ready for the next pick-up!

Designed to be a home base, this construction set is the best starting point for anyone looking to create a dynamic, expandable Rokenbok world. ROK Works construcion set includes a broad selection of Rokenbok building pieces. The Monorail, Forklift, and ROK Lift are especially easy to add when you’re ready to expand your Rokenbok world.

  • Remote Control Front End Loader and ROK Star Controller
  • Automatic Conveyor with Motion Sensor
  • Chutes and Dispensers for Material Management
  • Plansheet

  • Teaches Critical Thinking
  • Hones Fine Motor Skills
  • Develops Spatial Thinking

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Package size: 16.75" x 15.25" x 5.25"  Weight: 6.5 lbs.

Requires 9 AA batteries (not included).



Average: 4 (1 vote)

We started with ROK Blocks and the Get ROK'n set for preschoolers, but then my husband added this set. He loves the way it all works together. I love the way it gets both kids and him playing together. Our youngest loves the conveyors, our four-year-old likes driving the trucks and towing things, and they all love building, especially with the ROK Blocks. Now instead of finding the kids parked in front of the TV and my husband on the internet, as often as not they're all working together on some new ROK creation when I come home from errands. A great investment for our family.

Average: 5 (1 vote)

Our whole family has really enjoyed playing with the vehicles and building the structures. It is very well made and the company stands 100% behind their product (a part was missing so I emailed their customer service and they immediately replaced it.)The kids like to get creative with building new structures each time the play. I intend to add more this christmas.

Since its expandable, it can be share and played by many players at the same time, its also amazing to just watch the ability of these little trucks and only limited by a persons imagination.

Average: 5 (1 vote)

I bought this for my kids last christmas and they absolutely loved it. I thought it was so cool that rok conveyor is able to dump into a chute that sorts the balls by color! The RC Loader is so much fun as well. My kids love filling up and clearing the quarry with the vehicle. Its been a year and they still play with it all the time! That's usually the mark of a great toy for me!

Average: 5 (1 vote)

"Look Mom, now I can walk with it! Oh, It has Lights!", first comment my 7 yr old had when we opened the box. We have been Rokenbok fans for 2 yrs now. My son loves construction play, I "found" Rokenbok when searching for the perfect birthday gift for his 5th b-day. We had a busy night our first night with the NEW ROK Works Construction & Action Set. My son drove the Rokenbok Loader everywhere! He drove it to supper, brush his teeth, delivered notes to me via the Loader, and took it with him off to bed. The next morning he got up quickly, ready to play. We put the set together, actually I sat and held the instructions, but he built the whole set himself. He has added extra buildings, and had a great time with them. When he wanted to play something else, he built space ships out of ROK Blocks. He had a homework assignment to create a new way to use his spelling words, he used his ROK Blocks to build the letters. ROK Blocks are great toys, very sturdy, flexible in play, and kids play (my husband and nieces, 12 and 16 yrs old, enjoy playing too) and don't even realize the educational benefits they are getting. You get an awesome building set, and a really cool remote controlled machine. We love ROK's!

Average: 5 (1 vote)

Rokenbok toys are quality toys. My children enjoy how creative they can be with these toys. They enjoy building and moving the machines around. My 7 and 9 year old really enjoy the ROK Works Construction and Action Set.

Average: 5 (1 vote)

My 4 year old and 6 year old could not wait to open this toy. The three of this put it together which was extremely easy. "Mom the car backs up and makes so many sounds" was my sons first remark! "Wow look at the new controller and how the car moves around" was my daughter's reaction to the set when it was put together. The entire system is fascinating. The system is completely fully equipped with so many cool features. My 4 year old loves collecting the little men that come with the Rokenbok sets. He enjoys maneuvering the car to retrieve the balls. He even plays with the car on it's own and chases the dog with it :) We invited cousins over, ages 4-8, 4 friends ages 6,7,7, 10. They never owned a Rokenbok set so this was beyond cool for them. They fought over the controller, but lucky we have another 2 sets so we were able to alternate. I knew all the kids would have a great deal of interest in this toy, because my husband even experimented with backing up, controlling, sounds, and collecting the balls. The way this newer set is made is very sturdy. Whats best about the set is it is played with all the time. It can be taken apart, put back together, makes different structures. I would suggest using the metal tool to remove parts, as any of us could damage a piece if not paying attention. The little tool makes it impossible to hinder the set. So from 10+ kids, this toy gets 5 stars, for excitement, interest, creativity!

Average: 5 (1 vote)

Let me start off by telling you that these are the coolest thing our house has ever reviewed. Yep, I said it. The coolest!! We received Rokenbok building sets to review. The first one was the Rok Works Construction and Action Set. Oh…my…goodness! If you have a little boy around the ages of 5-8 (recommended for 6 and up), you have to get one of these. Yes, my son actually makes that squirrelly face when he is really excited. :-)

It came with pretty easy instructions to follow. All of the pieces were very easy to put together. The end result was the coolest building set I have ever seen! This set comes with a wireless remote control dump truck. You load the “rocks” from the quarry into the dump truck and dump them into the hopper. There is a sensor in the hopper that carries them up the conveyer belt and down a chute. As they go down the chute, they are sorted and distributed into bins. These bins have a button underneath them, so you can drive the dump truck right up to them and the bin empties into the truck. It is soooo cool. I played with this for a long time. My excuse was that I was trying to show Cole how it operated, but really I just wanted to play with it! Read the full review.

Average: 5 (1 vote)

We've been collecting Rokenbok for over 10 years now and are just in love with the new wireless "Rokstar" control system. It's totally changed the way we play with Rokenbok. I've got a garage full of this stuff but anyone looking to get into Rokenbok should definitely start with the ROK Works start set. It has everything you need to get a nice setup going and gives you the ability to easily add other sets. It comes with the Loader, which is a really fun vehicle, and my little cousins love the automatic conveyor!

Average: 5 (1 vote)

We got Rok works and construction set thinking it would be a huge hit with my nine-year old. To our surprise, it was also a hit with his six year old sister! I love this product because the two of them actually play TOGETHER for hours. They build really cool creations and then play with the remote control vehicles. It has been a real hit in our house, and anytime we can find a toy that appeals to both of them, i am happy!

Average: 5 (1 vote)

We got our hands on a Rokenbok set some years ago and were amazed at the control system - you could run several machines from your controller. That was awesome. The new system improves on the old by allowing kids to merely point the controller at the machine they want to control and hit the R button.

In general Rokenbok's build quality is much better than average, and we note the ruggedness and reliability of the toys. If your kids are at all interested in heavy equipment or machinery, Rokenbok is a wonderful fit because of the conveyors, lifts, etc.

Here's some of the comments from our kids:

  • "It's like having your own construction site" - 11 yr old boy
  • "The design of the sorting machine is very smart" - 6 yr old boy
  • "I love that the conveyor belt is motion-activated. I like the new quarry - the cattleguard design means the balls don't fall out" - 9 yr old boy

Our kids love the new lights on the toys, and that everything is now cordless. Also, the grandparents have found the Rokenbok toys very diverting ;-)

If you're going to invest in quality toys Rokenbok is excellent from several perspectives. First off, the toy is fun for a wide variety of ages. Next, the toys are great for social interaction, and also educate kids on design of systems (like how the conveyors sort the different size balls). Our kids have built a number of different "factories" so it appeals to the engineer / architect hidden within every child.

We highly recommend these toys.

Average: 5 (1 vote)

My 9 and 4 year old LOVE this toy! As soon as it arrived, my 9-year-old worked at putting it together all by himself. While he did that, my 4-year-old started controlling the RC dump truck. They spent over 5 hours non-stop playing with this the first day they received it and have played with it everyday since.

My sons love the sound effects and how the dump truck can also work as a front loader. We all LOVE the wireless control feature.

My children found it cool how the Roks (the red and blue balls) are automatically sorted as they go off the conveyor belt. (This is due to the difference in their size.)

The dump truck can run just as well on carpet as it does on a ceramic floor.

My little one got a kick out of the chair that comes with the set for the "man" to sit on.

This is a set worth getting, but beware, once you purchase one set, you'll have to keep on purchasing more as the children love these toys and each set works well together. This is our second Rokenbok toy.

Average: 5 (1 vote)

As a long time collector of Rokenbok products, I believe the Rok Works Construction set is one of the best ways to get started with Rokenbok. The set features the new Rok Star technology, which allows for wireless control of the vehicles. This is great because there is no longer a limited number of vehicles or players you can have, as long as you have enough controllers/vehicles. The other components to the set are also great, and allow for a ton of creativity from the builder.

My 14 year old son had lots of experience with the Rokenbok system before this set, and he thinks both the system and this set are great. He easily found ways to incorporate his X2 power unit in with this set, and has amazed me with the things he has built, including cars bridges and boats. He had no problem adding this set to his current collection, including sets with the old style vehicles and controllers.

Rokenbok is both fun to build and play with. There are endless possibilities for different layouts that can be built, and many different ways to build up your collection. My 14 year old son started with Rokenbok nearly a decade ago and continues to build and use it to this day.

Average: 5 (1 vote)



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Average: 5 (1 vote)

Our soon to be 9-year old son received his first Rokenbok set four years ago, and we’ve been a Rokenbok family ever since. We like our children to have high quality, educational toys and this toy definitely meets this criteria.
Our son received the ROK Works Construction and Action Set (RWCAS) a few weeks ago and he loves it. Unlike his existing Rokenbok sets, the RWCAS has the ROK Star Control, a new wireless control which allows him to control any of the vehicles or machines by switching a button on the remote. Our son likes the freedom the wireless control provides…he can walk around in multiple rooms and still have control over the vehicle he is operating. Our six year old daughter also enjoys playing with the RWCAS. Although the construction blocks are still a bit difficult for her to manipulate, she is able to control the machines without a problem. My husband and I play with it too.
The Loader truck included in the RWCAS is less detailed than the vehicles in our previous sets. This truck design doesn’t allow you to place a construction worker figure into the driver’s seat, nor is it high enough to reach and unload balls into the Power Chute rock conveyor (the Power Chute was my son’s first Rokenbok set). It does however, have other advantages that my son likes. He enjoys the head lights (which are even more fun when the room is darkened) and the beeping sounds the truck makes when it backs up. Also included in the set is an automatic ball (rock) conveyor. Similar to one we already have, it separates the large and small balls and is really fun to watch.
We (our entire family, not just the children) are very happy with ROK Works Construction and Action Set - and with all the Rokenbok products we own. We expect to add to our Rok “city” soon when our son has his 9th birthday.

Average: 5 (1 vote)

I had never heard of Rokenbok until I was contacted about doing a review for them. Once I watched the demo video and read the descriptions of Rokenbok Toys I was thrilled and knew that my kiddos would love them!

When we received the package I handed them over to my oldest boys & told them to have fun!

Oh My Goodness! They literally played with them for the entire remainder of the day PLUS the majority of the next day. They are one of their favorite go-to toys now! I love how they encourage them to be creative, and use their imaginations!

If you’re looking for something new & different to get for your kiddos this Christmas or for an upcoming Birthday you will not go wrong with the Rokenbok.

Average: 5 (1 vote)

We love the Rokenbok series of toys. My son is now 7 and has had them since he was 5. He will soon have another birthday and we will get him more Rokenbok. The system is great. The quality is undeniable. It is really like Lego on Steroids. Kids can build the core system and then use the RC Vehicles to actually use the platform that they build and easily add on with other products. This allows for more interaction and creative play. This stuff can be de-constructed and re-constructed many times. My son can spend a long cold afternoon playing with his Rokenbok and never get bored. Unlike Lego, which he loves, Rokenbok is totally flexible and allows for new and continued playtime. I would highly recommend the product. We are very excited that we stumbled upon this lesser known construction product. We Love it. We would highly recommend it!!!

No votes yet

These are the best built toys and kids love them!

My son got one for Christmas and every time one of his friends come over they head straight for the Rokenboks and will play with them for hours on end! Now my son wants more Rokenboks for this coming Christmas! Kids never get bored with them because you can use your imagination and build different things.
They are educational, imaginative and just plain fun!

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Rokenbok is awesome! I have 2 boys, age 7 and 9 and a girl age 3. They all play with it, as do my husband and I! We got our first starter set 3 years ago and have been adding to it ever since. The ROK Works Construction & Action Set is our first set with the new ROK Star Technology replacing the wire remotes with base. It is great - no more cords to get tangled up. This is definite a toy that will last for many many years, enjoyable for kids ages 2-99! My boys spend hours creating the designs on the box and then their own designs. Most recently, my 9 year old made a table for watching movies that included a lift for his drink and place to hold his popcorn bowl. My 7 year old made a root beer dispenser with the chutes for watching movies. (I told him it could be a prototype and we would test with water. ;) - and it worked.) Rokenbok has a great online community with a monthly gallery that we can submit to and quarterly challenges. My boys won the Holiday challenge last year in which they designed Santa's sleigh. We have Monorail Storage Depot, Monorail Starter Set, Police Defender Starter Set, many of the other vehicles, the Inventor's Toobox, the Tower Crane, Construction World II and lots of building sets. This Christmas we are going to add Architect's Dream, some more building sets, and DEFINITELY the X2 Dual Drive Power Unit! You can never have too much Rokenbok!!

Average: 5 (1 vote)

My son literally danced with joy when he got this set for his 5th birthday. Assembly was simple enough for him to put it together himself, and complex enough for it to be a challenge. I love seeing him play with these sets because he is learning spatial relations, coordination, problem solving, and how to follow instructions. He got completely absorbed in putting it together and playing with it. The Loader vehicle one of his absolute favorites because of its versatility and features, and it is even more fun to use with the new ROK Star Controller. We highly recommend this set. Tons of fun.

Average: 5 (1 vote)

5 Stars

This set awesome!!! I loved that my 8 year old built the entire set from the instructions that were provided. I didn't have to do anything!! My sons played with with this for hours. I have never seen them so consumed by a toy. It really is great!

My kids boys (ages 6 & 8) especially loved the new wireless remote. They enjoyed that they could use the laser, and stand across the room and control the RC Loader. They loved designing how to build the Rok blocks. My son Alex screamed, "I love this....it is awesome!"


Average: 5 (1 vote)

Rokenbok did it again another great set (Rok Works Construction & action set). This set is great my 7yr old son just got it and loves it. He told me it is better than any of his other toys. What I like about it is that the instruction are easy for him to understand he built the whole thing by himself. He has already taking it apart and built something else.

Rokenbok is one product that I can count on; if there was a problem they put a 150% in and solved it. You don't find that in any other company.

THANKS ROKENBOK for being a Great company.


Average: 5 (1 vote)

My son’s and I have had a long history with construction toys. From building blocks to model trains, tool belts to cardboard box forts my boys love to build and pretend. Then I found Rokenbok. I knew that if my inner child was screaming “WANT!!!”, my boys were going to love it too!

As we opened the ROK Works Construction & Action Set together, my boy’s faces were excited and filled with wonder. I knew our afternoon was booked when my 2 year old immediately grabbed the red and blue “Roks” and my 7 year old asking if it needed batteries with the Loader in his hands. What surprised me was while my 7 year old and I were setting up the construction site, my 2 year old was beside me snapping girders together just as fast as we were!

The IR controller was very intuitive for both my boys to pick up. Point, shoot it with the red light, it beeps, and away they go. My 7 year old is dumping the “Roks” into the conveyor and my 2 year old is in awe as they’re lifted and sorted into their bins.

Then it was my 2 year old's chance to drive the loader and I immediately had second thoughts about setting it all up on the kitchen table when he drove the truck over the edge. I picked up the truck up off the floor dreading the moment when I tell them it’s broken already… and wow… not a scratch on it. It’s still driving away as my 2 year old keeps holding the button down with glee. This toy is one tough cookie!

It wasn’t long before we had the Power Sweeper and the Monorail set with enough controllers for both boys and dad to play along with too. Christmas this year is going to be easy with the Tower of ROK Mania, Inventor’s Tool Box and extra Rok Balls for stocking stuffers. I can’t wait! I mean… “we” can’t wait.

Rokenbok has completely blown us away as parents and has captivated both my boys. My wife loves that both the boys can play together at different skill levels with it. I love building and playing along with my boys and watching them plan and create their own construction sites. The boys love it because they’re driving it, building it, loading it, and can do it all themselves. Next up is our 4 month old girl and I know this toy is durable enough to still be around when she’s older and wants to play too!

Simply put, Rokenbok ROKS! This is a toy series that has it all!

Average: 5 (1 vote)

One of the favorites for building toys this year is Rokenbok. These fantastic building sets really had me impressed.  Built to withstand the boys that are playing with them, these sturdy sets provide hours of fun and action. Remote controlled features add to the imaginative play.  These are perfect for the holidays, and highly recommended! Read the full review.

Average: 5 (1 vote)

Wow! I was recently sent the Rok Works Construction & Action Set to review. This is an amazing toy that appeals to all ages but carries a hefty price tag. It is ideal for boys between the ages of 5 – 14. I had not heard of Rokenbok so I knew nothing about the toy I was pulling out of the box. My 5 and 3 year old sons were giddy with anticipation to assemble the “lego” type pieces into a fully-functioning construction work zone which includes an automatic conveyor with chutes and dispensers for sorting and delivering the different colored ROKS. I later learned that the building pieces are actually called ROK Blocks which stay locked into place even during a rough work day at the “Rok Works Processing Plant” Read the full review.

Average: 5 (1 vote)

OK~ I will admit I knew nothing about Rokenbok Toys when I was approached about reviewing a couple of their awesome toys. When I received these two toys~ Wow! Time to dig in and check 'em out! A winning toy company with more than 50 toy awards! These toys rock! Let me tell you- my 4 year old nephew absolutely loved these toys. They are not only fun, but educational. He, with his parents, and my 15 year old son, have spent hours assembling, playing, and enjoying these toys! The cleverness of this product is the fact that kids don't even realize they are learning, while they are playing! Read the full review.

Average: 5 (1 vote)

"I originally bought several Rokenbok sets in 1997 for my youngest son, then age 6. The sets were used on a daily basis by all three of my sons and many of their friends and my husband and I were impressed with the quality of the building materials and vehicles. Eventually the sets were packed up until I recently got everything out for my 4 year old granddaughter and ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING worked perfectly. My oldest son, now 31, and his daughter had a great time with the old sets and my recent order is a Christmas present so they can expand and update. I thought the starter set would allow my granddaughter to work independently while my son sets up the more complex pieces. He was thrilled to see the Rokenbok again and has to agree to share with his two brothers when they visit. Your products are excellent. . . Now that I've found the website, which I have shared with my sons, we will continue to order additional sets.
Thank you for your innovation and attention to quality,"

Dr. Linda Strout

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We have been ROK-ers since my kids were young... they are now out of school and on their own. This is by far one of the best toys ever... it transcends boys, girls, young, old, creative, passive, active ... does not matter you will love playing with this. We just got our first ROK Star set and it is awesome ! We have setup a complete room at my nephews house with our ROK World. Already bought 2 more ROK Star vehicles to go with it, great now we can have up to 7 playing at the same time. Even better since we purchased some more of beams and ramps then started creating... everytime the kids play (kids are from 8 - 50+ yrs old) they end up modifying the world in some way. I can't even tell you which is my favorite the Dump truck, Sweeper or Forklift... great fun to use the fork lift on rescue missions to right the others that may have tipped over. We also have the Crane, Elevators and many other vehicles.
By the way the Fork Lift is the King of the Battle Arena... enter the Arena with Forky and you are going over the edge !
Just get the starter set ... you will NOT be disappointed. Only problem will be you will instantly crave more vehicles, controllers and building stuff.
It works great with Legos as well, scale is about the same and great fun to mix and match in your ROK world.
This is the ultimate toy for creative play time and never gets old. My kids are out of the house now, but every time they come home, or my nephews, nieces and other friends kids come over they clamor for me to get out the Rokenbok. It is a purchase you will never get tired of or outgrow, I look forward to some day having grandkids over to play as well. Not just a parents best friend but also for Uncles, Aunts and Grandparents, get this to have have at the house for when family comes to visit.
Also the company is GREAT to work with, in past I've had a controller break and vehichle stop working, in each case one phone call and new ones are in the mail at no cost to me... Great American company to work with !
Now go ROK !!!

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We love rokenbok toys. We have many, many sets. We just received the latest wireless controler and we looooooove it! We've been eagerly awaiting this update. Our kids and we play for hours together. Our favorite thing is to build new set ups and think of new things for the machines to do. We have wonderful memories with our boys and rokenbok, it will always be a part of our family. Thanks for this one of a kind toy.

Average: 5 (1 vote)

I recently purchased my first ROK Star construction set. The ROK Star Loader and ROK Star Controller are sturdy and well designed. After setting it up and making sure that everything was working I handed the controller over to my three year old. Within about five minutes he had figured out the controls and was following the loader around the room honking the horn and blowing the siren. I really like the totally wireless design, there are no power cords to trip over, and it without the command deck, no limit to how far you can stretch your imagination building new ROK worlds for young and older minds to explore.

Average: 5 (1 vote)

I've been using Rokenbok sets since I was in 6th grade, and I love them. I work at a summer camp where we glue Lego pegs to the sides of the cars and our campers can build onto the cars and design their own robots to complete challenges on the battle arenas we design with the Rokenbok sets. These have been such an invaluable tool, allowing us to make elevators, spinning wheels of doom, and gauntlet challenges. The Rokenbok sets realy are building blocks for so much creativity and innovation. They're so easy to use and durable/kid-friendly that I don't know how we'd run our classes without them!

Average: 5 (1 vote)

Rokenbok is a toy that just makes sense. Delivering Roks with RC construction vehicles, as a concept, is genius, and Rokenbok has carried out that concept to perfection.

This Rok Works set is a great introduction to the Rok Star control system. At first I was unsure how an infrared control scheme would work in the Rokenbok world. But now that I have actually tried it, it makes a world of difference. The vehicles never go out of range, the completely wireless remote, no radio keys or radio base station, no more scrolling through numbers to get to the car you want. It's great.

Also, the vehicles seem to work much better with driving. The motors seem stronger and faster, yet quieter. And best of all, they work great regardless of battery voltage. So now I can use my 1.2 volt rechargeable batteries with no side effects. With the RF cars, you needed 1.5 volt batteries to get the needed power to turn the vehicles. They were slow and weak when using the 1.2 volt rechargables, even if the batteries had 2000+ mA to offer.

This is just a great system. It works very well and does a great job at getting you started with Rokenbok, adding to a Rok Star system, or adding a Rok Star system to an existing radio-control setup.

Thank you Rokenbok, for a great toy.

Average: 5 (1 vote)

Rokenbok has definately been the best gift that we have given our family (ages 4,6, 33, and 45 :). It is educational, but they can't tell they are learning (which is perfect!). My daughter was so excited to get a female operator!

EVERYone loves to play with it together. The older neighbor kids beg to come over to play with it. My extended family wants to have big get-togethers at our house... so they (adults, teens, and kids) can play together. It is a great toy to not just play alone but also to learn (and enjoy) playing TOGETHER.

I would highly recommend!

Average: 5 (1 vote)

My daughter received the Rokenbok Rok Works Construction & Action Set for her 2ND birthday!! With a little help from my adult child (My husband!) They built a wonderful masterpiece and spent hours playing with it!

We've used Rokenbok toys as EDUCATIONAL!! My daughter, who is 2, likes to count the ROKS and sort them by color in the dump truck and drive it around! I cannot wait until she get's older because she will then benefit from the creativity and imagination! But right now, she's learning her colors, shapes and how to sort...AND DRIVE ;)

Rokenbok makes the most AMAZING toys! We are no longer getting any of our children legos, mega blocks or duplos because Rokenbok BLOWS them out of the water! And they are DURABLE!!!

Average: 5 (1 vote)

My wife and I bought the Rokenbok Construction set for our son and he has played with it every since. The Construction Set is a great place to start when purchasing the Rokenbok system, I can truly say the we both have gotten hours and hours of enjoyment and it is a great way to share time. The building blocks are very kid friendly and our son enjoys creating new layouts and combining various sets together. If asked, I would highly recommend Rokenbok.

Average: 5 (1 vote)

As soon as the set arrived, my 4 year old son and I started playing, and we continued to play in our free time for a week straight! When we arrived home from our vacation and his sisters got to use it, it was another week before any other toy in the house was used. We will continue to collect these marvelous toys. Thanks for a great toy!

Average: 5 (1 vote)

I am passionate about finding toys that will last a lifetime. At first blush, Rokenbok may be at the top of my list. I am 36 years old and my son is 8. My wife and I were a little hesitant about buying Rokenbok for my son because he has shown little interest to-date in construction/ building toys. I have to say, he is over the moon and totally obsessed like I have never seen him before. Honestly, I have a hard time tearing myself away. It's an addictively fun "toy". I feel bad describing Rokenbok as a toy, because it has proved to be a great learning opportunity for my son and for my daughter who is 6.

My son is a sports nut and my daughter is the creative one. Together they have created some pretty incredibly complex sets that meet my son’s need for the opportunity to bash and crash and my daughter’s need for symmetry and design. We bought a few sets and have recently picked up some add-ons and spare parts, so the possibilities are truly endless. They love getting on YouTube and comparing their creations to those that have been uploaded by fellow modelers. I do not usually write reviews, but this was such a great find and surprise for us that I wanted to take the opportunity to share it with other parents. Board games have a hard time holding my kid’s interest and I feel most video games do not have the ability to challenge their creativity. This is a 21st century board game and a real-to-life video game.

In addition to Rokenbok’s quality, learning opportunities and pure fun, I have personally experienced Rokenbok’s top shelf customer service. We had a few minor issues with our set unrelated to quality and I reached out through the website to customer service. I am not kidding when I say I received a personal response and offer of resolution within five minutes. They have really impressed me and clearly value their customers and the feedback they provide. I have had a great experience all-around and could not be more thrilled to be a promoter for such a great company.

Cheers to Rokenbok and a genuine thank you for your product and your customer service.

- The Johnson’s

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A Christmas gift for my special-needs son that's a lifesaver! Thank you Rokenbok for wonderful toys that also inspire imagination & creativity-along with the fun. My son engages all of us to "drive" and work on different scenarios. Being an outside-of-the-box thinker, he also uses the trucks to whisk away socks left on the floor, transport action figures, and herd family pets. Truly, such a great option instead of TV or PC; he can play with this set for hours and needs to be coaxed to dinner! When he's having a tough day, it's Rokenbok to the rescue!

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This construction site set was an automatic hit with my kids. It's amazing how easily they learned to control the Loader with the remote. The remote control's large size and prominent buttons made it easy for their small hands to grasp and in no time they were driving, scooping and dumping. The kids were mesmerized by the automatic conveyor and watched in awe as it flawlessly sorted the red balls from the blue balls. As a mom, I'm a fan of the ball storage bin, which gives my kids an easy place to put the balls when not in use. This is a great starter set for any kids Rokenbok world!

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I was going through Toys R Us (early 2000) looking for items for my 3 grandsons and I came across the starter set. It looked interesting so I purchased 2 sets (1 for each family). I have continued to buy items since then. I am now adding items for my 4th grandson to the set I purchased for his brother.

I purchased Rokenbok because it offered durability, creativity opportunities, hands on toy rather than just push buttons.

Average: 5 (1 vote)

the reviews were so positive. I try to buy toys for my grandsons ( ages 7 and 4) that are heirloom quality and not plastic "junk". These fit the bill. Plus my daughter said Brock ( the 4 year old) watches videos on youtube of children playing with Rokenboks! Time he gets his own and Grandma and Grandpa can watch videos of him playing with his own Rokenboks!!


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