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Start sets are the perfect way to construct your Rokenbok world and come with everything you need to get started!

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robotics building set

we are delighted to announce Rokenbok Maker ROK-Robotics, an introduction to remote control robotics for children. Meet the Rokenbok Maker ROK-Bot. It is a versatile, mobile building platform that makes building robots and mechanical systems easy, fun, and educational. 

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Launch your Rokenbok world with the exciting, futuristic Monorail Mania Complete Action Set! This modern twist on a beloved classic brings a whole new level of fun to your family.

Product Gallery


Inspire your young engineer with this flexible, powerful collection of Rokenbok building elements and remote control robotics. This action-packed bundle will provide an endless stream of engineering and architectural inventions that will amaze. Are you ready to tackle more challenging builds and machine making?

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