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SnapStack Mobile STEM Lab
Rolling Base

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  • 6 Labs Serve a Class of 24 Students
  • Grades: 4-6
  • Affordable and easy to use classroom resource
  • Teach design and engineering, CAD, and 3D printing
  • In-depth simple machines curriculum
  • Stack up to 8 Labs per Rolling Base

SnapStack Mobile STEM Lab

With the SnapStack Lab, students gain a deep comprehension of challenging STEM concepts that they see at work in the world around them. Design & Engineering lessons not only build content knowledge about mechanical engineering and introductory robotics, but also encourages students to practice perseverance, collaborative problem solving, and critical thinking.

How to Order a Class Set:

Each SnapStack Mobile STEM Lab serves 4 students. Stack up to 8 Labs per rolling base. 


Progression of Learning: 

Each Mobile STEM Labs teaches part of the Rokenbok progression of learning that spans from K-8 and is organized into 4 progressive phases of learning: Mentored Construction Play, STEM Fundamentals, Applications in Design & Engineering and Systems of Technology. The SnapStack Mobile STEM Lab is used to teach a portion of lessons in the Applications in Design & Engineering learning phase. If paired with a Basic Robotics Mobile STEM Lab, even more content can be addressed. 

robotics STEM program for schools

robotics STEM curriculum

SnapStack + Basic Robotics Teach:

Applications of Design & Engineering

Non-Intuitive STEM concepts are taught through applications in structural & mechanical engineering. 

  • Simple Machines
  • Mechanisms
  • Robotic Movement
  • Compound Machines
  • Design Challenges
Learn more about the Basic Robotics Lab > 

See The Curriculum Lessons Here

STEM Concepts Covered:

Mechanical and Structural Engineering
Diagrammatic Instructions
Structural Engineering (How to Make Things Strong)
Mechanical Engineering (How to Make Things Move)
Thinking Like a Designer/Engineer (World of Work)
Simple Machines
Building, Testing & Modifying (6) Simple Machines
Applying & Measuring Mechanical Advantage
Designing Real-World Applications
Compound Machine Design Challenge
Working with Design Briefs
Compound Machine Design
Applying Mechanical Advantage
Working within Specifications and Constraints
Rapid Prototyping (CAD & 3D Printing)
Designing New Rokenbok Engineering Component

SnapStack Bill of Materials

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For orders containing more than 30 labs, please call (888-476-5265) or email client services for a shipping quote. 


Dimensions: 17"x13"x5"

Shipping Dimensions: 18"x14"x14"

Shipping Weight: 11 lbs

Rolling Base

Dimensions: 18"x18"x7"

Shipping Dimentions: 19"x18"x8"

Shipping Weight: 9 lbs


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