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ROK Blocks Mobile STEM Lab
ROK Blocks Module

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  • Introduction to STEM Fundamentals
  • 3 modules serves up to 12 students
  • Grades: K-5

ROK Blocks Mobile STEM Lab

Young students have surprisingly sophisticated ways of seeing the world. K-5 is one of the most critical times in student development, and is when they are most able to absorb information and create lifelong patterns. This ROK Blocks Lab teaches skills and confidence fundamental to STEM learning. The ROK Blocks Lab allows teachers to meet young students wherever they are in their STEM journey. 

mobile stem lab

Each Mobile STEM Lab teaches part of our progression of learning that spans from Mentored Construction Play, STEM Fundamentals, Applications in Design & Engineering and lastly System of Technology. This lab focuses on the beginning of this learning progression and covers Mentored Construction Play and STEM Fundamentals.

Progression of Learning: 

Rokenbok STEM Education Program - STEM Curriculum

ROK Blocks Teaches:


Mentored Construction Play

Young students need foundational STEM fluencies for ongoing STEM learning. 

  • Sequence & correspondence
  • Symbolization
  • Spatial reasoning
  • Symmetry
  • Logical reasoning

STEM Fundamentals

Students gain confidence in their ability to learn technical skills and create solutions of their own design.

Explorations focus on intuitive concepts:

  • How to make things strong
  • How to make things move
  • Working in teams
  • The design process


What Are ROK Blocks? 

ROK Blocks are fun and capable 3D building blocks that accelerate the benefits of mentored block play. These carefully engineered blocks connect on all sides expanding opportunities for creative building. ROK Blocks curriculum is especially designed to level the playing field for students who may have had less experience than peers with parent supported building block play.  

Build Critical Fluencies

Foundational fluencies learned with ROK Blocks include how to follow step-by-step graphical (pictorial) instructions, goal achievement, and persistence.  The ROK Blocks Lab also contains more advanced engineering elements to support students as they progress.  Students will design and build experiences that teach how to make things strong, how to make thinks move, measurement, organization, and other fluencies key to progressive STEM learning. It is impossible to overstate the need for, and developmental benefits of mentored block play. 

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Benefits Include: 

Coordination Symbolization and Representation Weight
Visual Perception Comparisons Height
Motor Development Classification Gravity
Spatial Orientation Directionality Balance
Fine Motor Coordination Sequence Symmetry
Divergent Thinking Textures
Social/Emotional Logical Reasoning Action/Reaction
Competence Cause and Effect
Success Math Spatial Visualization
Self Esteem Area Simple Machines
Autonomy Size
Initiative Order Literacy
Cooperation Space Labeling 
Negotiation Shapes Vocabulary
Compromise Numbers Recalling Stories
Responsibility Mapping Creating/Dictating Stories
Patterns Sentence Structure
Creative Measuring Making and Using Signs
Associations Estimating Using Books as Resources
Relationships Negative Space
Problem-Solving One to One Correspondence
Finding New Solutions
Sensory Exploration

ROK Blocks Bill of Materials

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Shipping costs are estimate based on location and the amount of labs ordered.  Some orders may be palletized.  You can call our home office for ship quotes and delivery  times.

This lab ships in 3 boxes. Dimensions are as follows:

36x20x15 - 22 pounds

18x18x18 - 22 pounds

19x18x8 - 9 pounds


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