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Basic Robotics Mobile STEM Lab
Rolling Base

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  • 6 Labs Serve a Class of 24 Students
  • Grades: 4-6
  • Teach the mechanics behind robotics
  • This Lab must be paired with SnapStack Lab
  • Stack up to 8 Labs per Rolling Base

Basic Robotics Mobile STEM Lab

This lab, which should be paired with the SnapStack Mobile STEM Lab, is a perfect introduction to robotics. This lab focuses on the mechanical side of robotics using a remote-controlled, robotic platform called The Maker ROK-Bot. The Maker ROK-Bot is used to teach students how to create mechanisms, convert motion, and design and engineer compound, robotic machines. This gives students a solid foundation in building mechanical robotic systems prior to learning how to program. This lab does not cover programming.  

How to Order a Class Set:

Each Basic Robotics Mobile STEM Lab serves 4 students. Stack up to 8 Labs per rolling base. 


Progression of Learning: 

Each Mobile STEM Labs teaches part of the Rokenbok progression of learning that spans from K-8 and is organized into 4 progressive phases of learning: Mentored Construction Play, STEM Fundamentals, Applications of Design & Engineering and Systems of Technology. This lab must be paired with SnapStack Mobile STEM Lab. Together, these two labs can teach a portion of Applications of Design & Engineering curriculum. 

robotics STEM curriculum

Rokenbok STEM Education Program - STEM Curriculum

Basic Robotics + SnapStack:

Applications in Design & Engineering

Non-Intuitive STEM concepts are taught through applications in structural & mechanical engineering. 

  • Simple machines
  • Mechanisms
  • Robotic movement
  • Compound machines
  • Design challenges

Learn more about the SnapStack Lab >

Remote Control Robotics

The Maker ROK-bot (a remote control robotic chassis) is the heart of the Basic Robotics Lab.  Students use the Maker ROK-bot, with snap-in motor modules and new Rokenbok engineering elements, to design fun, highly functional, easy-to-assemble motorized machines: 

  • Construction Vehicles
  • Hoists and Cranes
  • Carnival Rides
  • Conveyors and Elevators 

View Curriculum Lessons Here >

Design & Engineering

Basic Robotics curriculum guides students in deepening their design and engineering skills. Students will make use of all of their previous experiences, applying concepts of mechanical and structural engineering, mechanical advantage, and may also apply CAD/3D printing expertise.  Like real-world engineers, students must design within the abilities of the Rokenbok Robotics system, using mechanical advantage to increase the power of motor modules, using gear trains to speed things up or slow things down, and developing mechanisms to achieve a desired functionality.

Engineering Elements

Basic Robotics presents students with an open-ended opportunity for creativity and design.  Students are introduced to new engineering elements and capabilities:

  • Snap-in motor modules attach to the ROK-bot chassis or a separate structure.
  • Cog-drive converts rotary motion to linear motion.
  • A lead-screw mechanism creates mechanical advantage when space is limited.
  • Bearing modules allow transmission of motion and power over distances.
  • ROK-bot chassis can be used as a vehicle, or mounted as a stationary engine.  

Basic Robotics STEM Education Engineering Components List

Click HERE to download parts list



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This robotics lab is my favorite lab in the Rokebok Education inventory! With this lab kids can customize their own robots and compete in different challenges. There are a bunch of curriculum guides that walks the teacher through each step as well as the kids. My middle school students couldn't wait to get their hands on these every day! They were having fun but they also learned a lot too. You can also program the robots with the Rokduino. My class didn't get to this step this year but next year that is my goal. If you are wondering whether Rokenbok is the way to go, I'm telling you, it is!

- Ottawa Middle School, Ottawa KS

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What a year it has been. All in all 684 students came through my classes (grades 6-8) and worked with the Rokenbok basic kits and SnapStack labs. Both were needed in combination. It was the perfect choice considering that I taught the entire student spectrum from highly gifted to autistic and Down syndrome. Everyone was able to build at least something and use the remote controlled vehicles. It was perfect for differentiated instruction. Organizing team work and clean-up was an easy feat with this system, even in classes of 36 and 37 students.

The cases have gotten a lot of use as well. Our 6th grade is housed in a different building; so I had to travel between buildings forth and back. The plan was to have sufficient kits to equip both rooms, but with unexpectedly large classes due to a couple of unfilled teaching positions that plan fell through. Stacking and packing the kits into and out of my car was fairly easy to do, but doing so twice almost every day is beginning to show. They don't clip as tightly as they used to and three clips broke off. All 18 boxes and the coasters plus the bag with the build plans (I used colored copies of the Rokenbok classroom materials and sheet protectors) are in there. I had 12 minutes to get from one class to the other in the morning.
This year I have introduced 6th, 7th and 8th grade to the basics of robotics, mechanisms and types of motion. I am hoping that we will be able to purchase the advanced kits for the rising 7th and 8th graders. The students had fun and created some interesting robots for their final projects.

-Kannapolis Middle School, Kannapolis, NC

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This set has been great for our homeschool. When one of our kids first showed an interest in robotics and engineering I thought it would be far too difficult and expensive for us to give him opportunities to explore that. Since Rokenbok provides a lot of detailed projects to go along with this set, it has been easy for me to introduce our kids to what robotics are all about.

-Frisco, TX


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Dimensions: 17"x13"x5"

Shipping Dimensions: 18"x14"x14"

Shipping Weight: 10 lbs

Rolling Base

Dimensions: 18"x18"x7"

Shipping Dimentions: 19"x18"x8"

Shipping Weight: 9 lbs


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