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Basic Robotics Mobile STEM Lab
Basic Robotics Module

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  • Introduction to robotics and motorized mechanisms
  • 6 modules serves up to 24 students
  • Grades: 3-12
  • Ideal when accompanied with a SnapStack or Advanced Projects Lab

Basic Robotics Mobile STEM Lab

The Rokenbok Design & Engineering System includes both remote control and programmable robotic systems. Students start out learning the mechanical side of robotics using a remote-controlled, robotic platform called The Maker ROK-Bot. This platform teaches students how to create mechanisms, convert motion, and design and engineer compound, robotic machines.

mobile stem lab robotics mobile stem lab robotics

Each Mobile STEM Labs teaches part of our progression of learning that spans from Mentored Construction Play, STEM Fundamentals, Applications of Design & Engineering and lastly System of Technology. Basic Robotics, paired with other labs, teaches STEM Fundamentals and Applications of Design & Engineering. This lab should be paired with SnapStack. 

robotics STEM curriculum

Rokenbok STEM Education Program - STEM Curriculum

Basic Robotics + SnapStack:

Applications in Design & Engineering

Non-Intuitive STEM concepts are taught through applications in structural & mechanical engineering. 

  • Simple machines
  • Mechanisms
  • Robotic movement
  • Compound machines
  • Design challenges

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Remote Control Robotics

The Maker ROK-bot (a remote control robotic chassis) is the heart of the Basic Robotics Lab.  Students use the Maker ROK-bot, with snap-in motor modules and new Rokenbok engineering elements, to design fun, highly functional, easy-to-assemble motorized machines: 

  • Construction Vehicles
  • Hoists and Cranes
  • Carnival Rides
  • Conveyors and Elevators 

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To implement the Basic Robotics Curriculum, make sure to pair this lab with a SnapStack Mobile STEM Lab. 

Design & Engineering

Basic Robotics curriculum guides students in deepening their design and engineering skills. Students will make use of all of their previous experiences, applying concepts of mechanical and structural engineering, mechanical advantage, and may also apply CAD/3D printing expertise.  Like real-world engineers, students must design within the abilities of the Rokenbok Robotics system, using mechanical advantage to increase the power of motor modules, using gear trains to speed things up or slow things down, and developing mechanisms to achieve a desired functionality.


The Maker ROK-bot chassis has two internal motors, and can also power two snap-in, external motor modules for a total of four motors.  All motors rotate both clockwise and counterclockwise, and are individually addressable from the remote control. 

Engineering Elements

Basic Robotics presents students with an open-ended opportunity for creativity and design.  Students are introduced to new engineering elements and capabilities:

  • Snap-in motor modules attach to the ROK-bot chassis or a separate structure.
  • Cog-drive converts rotary motion to linear motion.
  • A lead-screw mechanism creates mechanical advantage when space is limited.
  • Bearing modules allow transmission of motion and power over distances.
  • ROK-bot chassis can be used as a vehicle, or mounted as a stationary engine.  

Basic Robotics STEM Education Engineering Components List

Click HERE to download parts list



Shipping costs are estimate based on location and the amount of labs ordered.  Some orders may be palletized.  You can call our home office for ship quotes and delivery times.

This lab ships in 3 boxes. Dimensions are as follows:

36x20x15 - 27 Pounds

20x18x14 - 26 pounds

19x18x8- 9 pounds


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