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Engineering Pathways Mobile STEM Lab
Rolling Base

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  • 6 Labs Serve a Class of 24 Students
  • Grades: 4-8
  • Includes a variety of sensors like the light, angle, & bump sensor
  • Combine with ROK Blocks MSL to teach ALL Rokenbok Curriculum

Engineering Pathways Mobile STEM Lab

From designing your own 3D component to programming your first robot, the Engineering Pathways Mobile STEM Lab demonstrates how different systems of technology work together. In this design heavy phase, students fully take on the role of an engineer, using integrated technologies to solve real world challenges while promoting 21st century competencies. Students prepare for advanced STEM studies and begin to envision themselves in future careers.


How to Order a Class Set:

Each Engineering Pathways Mobile STEM Lab serves 4 students. Stack up to 2 Labs on a rolling base.


A Progression of Learning: 

Each Mobile STEM Labs teaches part of the Rokenbok progression of learning that spans from Mentored Construction Play, STEM Fundamentals, Applications of Design & Engineering and Systems of Technology. By pairing Engineering Pathways with ROK Blocks you can teach the entire Rokenbok Progression of Learning. 

robotics STEM curriculum


Engineering Pathways Teaches:

Programmable Robotics Hero

Applications in Design & Engineering

Students gain deep comprehension of challenging STEM concepts that they see at work in the world around them. Applications in Design & Engineering lessons build content knowledge and applied practice in mechanical engineering and introductory robotics. Students also practice collaborative problem solving, critical thinking and perseverance.  

  • Simple Machines
  • Mechanisms
  • Robotic Movement
  • Compound Machines
  • Coding & Programming
  • Design Challenges

Systems of Technology

Students learn how to integrate different systems of technology with the Rokenbok system. These experiences are designed to give students the curiosity and desire to persist in STEM. 

  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Programmable Robotics
  • Arduino & Sensors
  • Text-based Programming
  • Code Structure
  • Design & Engineering Challenge



Engineering Pathways + ROK Blocks Teach: 

ROK Blocks + Engineering Pathways Mobile STEM Labs


Mentored Construction Play

Young students need foundational STEM fluencies for ongoing STEM learning. 

  • Sequence & correspondence
  • Symbolization
  • Spatial reasoning
  • Symmetry
  • Logical reasoning

STEM Fundamentals

Students gain confidence in their ability to learn technical skills and create solutions of their own design. 

  • Explorations focus on intuitive concepts:
  • How to make things strong
  • How to make things move
  • Working in teams
  • The design process

Learn more about the ROK Blocks Lab >

This lab guides students from robotics basics to creating entire robotic environments, where multiple machines interact with each other autonomously. Included in this highly capable robotics learning system are:

ROKduino Smart Block

ROKduino (Arduino based) robotics controller.

maker rok robotics

Maker ROK-Bot robot (and all of the elements included in the Basic Robotics Lab).

snap in sensors

An array of sensors, motors, and Rokenbok engineering elements.



At the heart of this lab is the ROKduino, an Arduino based, fully programmable robotics controller with eight sensor inputs and four motor/power outputs. Additionally, the ROKduino can transmit commands to one or more Maker ROK-Bot robots. 

Students are introduced to fully programmable robotic environments through carefully phased experiences:

  • Introduction to sensors (proximity, light, angle, bump, and color).
  • Introduction to programming.
  • Introduction to autonomous, inter-machine interactions.

The ROKduino comes preprogrammed, and students can begin creating sensor-based robots right away.  When students are ready, they learn to create their own custom Arduino programs on classroom computers, and upload their code to the ROKduino.  Rokenbok chose Arduino because it is a simple, clear, open-source programming environment; easy-to-use for beginners, yet flexible enough for advanced students as well.

The next step is inter-machine interactions; students learn to use the ROKduino to control multiple machines simultaneously.  This includes transmitting commands to the included Maker ROK-Bot from the ROKduino controller.  Imagine a dump truck that autonomously drives on to, and is lifted by an elevator.  Or a swing bridge that automatically positions itself based on the direction of an approaching vehicle.  Through the Engineering Pathways Lab, students go beyond creating single robots to creating ‘fields’ of robotic activity.

Click HERE to download parts list



Average: 5 (1 vote)

We've been using all the different types of Rokenbok Mobile STEM Labs in our programs and the children love them! Most recently we started using the Engineering Pathways and all the lesson plans that go with them. The construction plans are very engaging and the children are excited to add programming to the Rokenbok builds. While we had already experience with the great curriculum material from Rokenbok, the videos that come with the Engineering Pathways are particularly convenient for teachers as they prepare for class, and they can also be played during class as a teaching aid. Teachers have all the tools to make robotics and programming teaching possible, even for teachers with no previous programming experience. And, for those teachers and students that have previous programming experience, they can go beyond the drag and drop interface and actually write lines of code as real engineers would, emulating the real world of robotics. One of the nicest things about these kits is how versatile they are - there are projects and lessons flexible to so many different levels, and classroom needs. Excellent products, highly recommended!



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Dimensions: 19"x17"x13"

Shipping Dimensions: 20"x18"x20"

Shipping Weight: 30 lbs

Rolling Base

Dimensions: 18"x18"x7"

Shipping Dimentions: 19"x18"x8"

Shipping Weight: 9 lbs


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