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Advanced Robotics Mobile STEM Lab

The Advanced Robotics Lab guides students from robotics basics to creating entire robotic environments, where multiple machines interact with each other autonomously. Included is this highly capable robotics learning system are:

  • ROK-duino (Arduino based) robotics controller.
  • Maker ROK-bot robot (and all of the elements included in the Basic Robotics Lab).
  • An array of sensors, motors, and Rokenbok engineering elements.


programmable robotics

At the heart of this lab is the ROK-duino, an Arduino based, fully programmable robotics controller with eight sensor inputs and four motor/power outputs. Additionally, the ROK-duino can transmit commands to one or more Maker ROK-bot robots. 

Students are introduced to fully programmable robotic environments through carefully phased experiences:

  • Introduction to sensors (proximity, light, angle, bump, and color).
  • Introduction to programming.
  • Introduction to autonomous, inter-machine interactions.

programmable robotics


The ROK-duino comes preprogrammed, and students can begin creating sensor-based robots right away.  When students are ready, they learn to create their own custom Arduino programs on classroom computers, and upload their code to the ROK-duino.  Rokenbok choose Arduino because it is a simple, clear, open-source programming environment; easy-to-use for beginners, yet flexible enough for advanced students as well.


The next step is inter-machine interactions; students learn to use the ROK-duino to control multiple machines simultaneously.  This includes transmitting commands to the included Maker ROK-bot from the ROK-duino controller.  Imagine a dump truck that autonomously drives on to, and is lifted by an elevator.  Or a swing bridge that automatically positions itself based on the direction of an approaching vehicle.  Through the Advanced Robotics Lab, students go beyond creating single robots to creating ‘fields’ of robotic activity.


(The entire Basic Robotics curriculum can be taught from the Advanced Robotics STEM Lab.)

Introduction to ROK-duino Advanced Robotics Systems
Ports Configurations/Options
Sensors Expandability
Connections Advanced Control Systems
Control Systems Integrated Planning and Testing
Introduction to Arduino Programming Advanced Robotics Design Challenges
Programming Commands/Logic Sequential Control and Management Challenge
Using Open-Source Routines/Commands Integrated Security/Monitoring Design Challenge
Custom Programming Encryption System Design Challenge
Warehouse Materials Handling Challenge

Programmable Robotics STEM Education Engineering Components List

Click HERE to download parts list



Specs for this lab are currently unavailable. 


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