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  • Teach project based STEM
  • 1 module serves up to 4 students or entire class
  • Grades: 6-12
  • Provides a deep parts resource that pairs well with SnapStack and Basic Robotics

Advanced Projects Mobile STEM Lab

• A team resource for integrated STEM projects requiring complex and substantial prototyping. 

•A general resource where a supplemental inventory of engineering elements will benefit students utilizing smaller Rokenbok lab modules.

A single Advanced Projects Lab greatly enhances the utility of multiple SnapStack or Robotics lab modules in use in a classroom.

The Advance Projects Lab supports student teams in taking deep dives into longer-term STEM projects that simulate professional design cycles.

Advanced Projects introduce students to holistic design and engineering processes. Students will move through these stages:

1. Definining the Challenge 6. Selecting a Design 2. Identifying Constraints 7. Building the Design 3. Research 8. Testing 4. Brainstorming 9. Iteration and Refinement 5. Exploring Design Concepts 10. Project Presentation

The Advanced Projects lab allows students to experience a variety of STEM-Maker curriculum sequences including simple to compound machines, CAD and 3D Printing, and more advanced thematic design projects and challenges.

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Bill of Materials - Advanced Projects

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Average: 5 (1 vote)

"Rokenbok works well because it's engaging and VERY forgiving. If a mistake is made, we talk about it - take it apart and redo it. This prolongs gratification and teaches patience. Rokenbok can be as complicated or as simple as the builders want it to be. By not having a thousand different main parts, if forces creativity and the beams, blocks and risers are easily stored in bins. It can be a collaborative experience which is important for children with special needs as they can work and play together with their peers. Some like to drive, some like to build, but all can participate on their own level and take it to the next one when they are ready to do so."

Richard Rosenfeld, Long Island, NY, Howell Road School School and James A. Denver School District


Shipping costs are estimate based on location and the amount of labs ordered.  Some orders may be palletized.  You can call our home office for ship quotes and delivery  times.

This lab ships in 3 boxes. Dimensions are as follows:

36x20x15 - 66 pounds

20x16x14 - 20 pounds

19x17x7 - 3 pounds


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