Mobile STEM Labs

Engage your students with meaningful applied-technology lesson using our Mobile STEM Labs. Labs can be used across grade levels, moving easily from classroom to classroom and comes with a full range of free downloadable K-12 curriculum to meet the needs of students.

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The ROK Blocks Lab teaches skills and fluencies fundamental to STEM learning. ROK Blocks are fun and capable 3D building blocks that accelerate the benefits of mentored block play. ROK Blocks curriculum is especially designed to level the playing field for students who may have had less experience than peers with parent supported building block play.   

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Mobile STEM Labs

The SnapStack Lab is an affordable and easy to use resource that covers an array of challenging technology and engineering topics:

  • Mechanical and Structural Engineering
  • A deep dive into Simple Machines and Mechanical Advantage
  • Computer Aided Design and 3D Printing
  • Competitive Design Challenges

There are an astounding variety of structures and mechanisms that can be built from the SnapStack Lab.

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The Advanced Projects Lab has two important roles in Rokenbok Education:

  • A team resource for integrated STEM projects requiring complex and substantial prototyping.
  • A general resource where a supplemental inventory of engineering elements will benefit students utilizing smaller Rokenbok lab modules.  A single Advanced Projects Lab greatly enhances the utility of multiple SnapStack or Robotics lab modules in use in a classroom.
  • Software library and example code to quickly interface sensors, motors, and communications.

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The Maker ROK-bot (a remote control robotic chassis) is the heart of the Basic Robotics Lab.  Students use the Maker ROK-bot, with snap-in motor modules and new Rokenbok engineering elements, to design fun, highly functional, easy-to-assemble motorized machines. When paired with other labs students can make:

  • Construction Vehicles
  • Hoists and Cranes
  • Mechanisms and Gear Trains
  • Motorized Structures Like Drawbridges, Elevators, and Conveyors

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The Programmable Robotics Lab guides students from robotics basics to creating entire robotic environments, where multiple machines interact with each other autonomously. Included is this highly capable robotics learning system are:

  • ROK-duino (Arduino based) robotics controller.
  • Maker ROK-bot robot (and all of the elements included in the Basic Robotics Lab).
  • An array of sensors, motors, and Rokenbok engineering elements.

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