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  • Build thousands of robots!
  • Mobile and flexible building platform
  • Great introduction to CAD & 3D Printing
  • Compatible with all other Rokenbok pieces

An Introduction to Remote Control Robotics for Children

Meet the Rokenbok Maker ROK-Bot. It is a versatile, mobile building platform that makes building robots and mechanical systems easy, fun, and educational.

The Maker ROK-Bot is fully compatible with every element in the Rokenbok engineering system. That means there are thousands of different robots waiting for children to design and build.  The Maker ROK-Robotics Set includes step-by-step plans to create 5 different construction vehicles and is controlled by the included ROK Star Controller.

  • The Front End Loader
  • Gripper
  • Dump Truck
  • Dozer
  • And Forklift

These robots interact with all your existing Rokenbok machines and are compatible with Rokenbok buildings and roadways.  Completing these builds will give young minds insight into the mechanics of robotics, learning about design and engineering while having fun with motors, mechanisms, and linkages.  

New Rokenbok Engineering Elements:

In addition to Rokenbok’s rich ecosystem of hundreds of parts to build with, we have created brand new advanced engineering pieces just for the Maker ROK-Bot:

Introduce 3D Printing

Rokenbok also supports making your own 3D printed custom parts for your Rokenbok robots.   Rokenbok engineering elements can be downloaded as digital files to be modified, in your favorite CAD program, and 3D printed. You can make almost any Rokenbok part yourself, empowering children to design and invent like professional engineers.

Rokenbok Education’s new Maker ROK-Bot robotics platform makes designing and building robots accessible and fun for young makers. With the whole Rokenbok ecosystem available to you and the ability to customize and 3D print brand new pieces, a child’s imagination is the only limit.




Package Dimensions: 11.5" x 7" x 6"  

Weight: 3.2 lbs


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