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  • A real workhorse designed to move large amounts of cargo with speed and precision.
  • Pick up pallets, place crates, lift bin boxes, stack beams. 
  • Four wheel drive, automatic trailer hitch, working headlights, and adjustable pitch horn.

Hurry and unload, we have a delivery to make!

It may be a toy forklift, but it’s a real workhorse designed to move large amounts of cargo with speed and precision. Maneuver in tight spaces using your ROK Star Controller. Operate the RC Forklift while driving. Pick up pallets. Place crates. Lift bin boxes. Stack beams. Reach the highest pallet rack in your warehouse while the pivoting lift mechanism keeps your load balanced. ROK Star Controller sold separately.

  • A Fully Functional Warehouse

  • Remote Control Forklift
  • Crates, Pallets, Balls and Bins
  • Plansheet

ROK Star Controller Sold Separately

  • Practice Fine Motor Skills
  • Hand Eye Coordination
  • Improve Problem Solving
  • Encourage Creative Play

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Requires 3 AA batteries, not included. Package Size: 15.5" x 8.5" x 5" Weight: 3.6 lbs.



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One of my personal favorite Vehicles in the Rokenbok Fleet. This car delivers your cargo with precision and can place it anywhere you need it to go. I would highly suggest buying this if you want a fast working, rugged bin hauler. Now, with the new ROK star technology, the possibilities of this great car have just expanded.

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I bought this as a vehicle only and it's been great fun. Looking back, I think I should have bought the warehouse set. The extra pallets and bins look like a great addition. My kids built some pallets out of Legos which works fine too. The Rokenbok system includes platforms that are Lego compatible so it's a natural progression to combine the two building systems. Like all Rokenbok vehicles, the forklift is rugged and precise. Replacement forks are available on Rokenbok's website which is great because if anything breaks during a bad fall, it would probably be the forks. My forklift is part of the classic R/C system so I can't comment on the new ROK star controls but I assume they are as good as or better than the wired system.

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We have both the old and new style forklifts. The wireless is fantastic! My son (5) can bring it anywhere he wants to in the house and even over to friends. We used to have to lug the tower, remotes, and cord if he wanted to play somewhere other than his bedroom. This really is heavenly!

We love the new reversing sounds that were added to the new model as well as the slotted groves underneath so the forklift can take quick turns on the black curved roadways. The warehouse is a fun center to work at, but not necessary for play. When not in use, we just leave it built and put it on a shelf for the next time he wants to play with it (we have many other building pieces to use for unstructured building time).

Also, these things are tough! But I do recommend purchasing the extra forklift arms at the same time, just in case one gets lost then there will be a spare ready to go. (We've never broken an arm, but they have gone missing for weeks at a time!)

As for choosing one vehicle over another, the forklift totally matches my son's playing style and interests. So, start with a vehicle that matches your child's personality and then aquire more from there!

Finally, in terms of value... All the other remote controlled vehicles on the market require specialty batteries and chargers and/or are fragile compared to the Rokenbok vehicles. Rokenbok vehicles take regular AA batteries; so teach your child to always turn it off, even when they are just taking a moment to build something else and you'll be pleasantly surprise how long the batteries will last. We've had several other RC cars as gifts from people and every single one of them has had problems. But not our Rokenbok!

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My son earned a new Rokenbok vehicle for completing his chores/behavior chart and he insisted he get the forklift. He has not stopped playing with it since he got it 3 weeks ago. Rokenbok makes such great toys.

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My son loves all of the Rokenbok sets, but when he saw the forklift, he was over the moon. He even carried its little buckets around the house for days, telling me he needed his forklift's buckets so that he could collect stuff for his forklift. "Mama, my forklift will need this, so I'd better put it in his bucket, and I've got the blue bucket right here, ready." He loves to align the forks, and lift the bucket; he says that he feels like a real construction worker when he uses that truck. Of all of his Rokenbok trucks, the forklift seems to have the most "authentic feel" for him, though he enjoys playing with all of them, as does his twin sister. (Her favorite is the monorail.)


Requires 3 AA batteries, not included. Package Size: 15.5" x 8.5" x 5" Weight: 3.6 lbs.
ROK Star Controller sold separately.


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