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  • An advanced building set for creating your own Rokenbok machines.
  • 161 pieces: angle blocks, pulleys, hinges, swivels, tow hooks, wheels and axles, and more. 
  • Perfect companion for the X2 Dual Drive Power Unit.

Want to design and engineer your own drawbridge?

How about a block-and-tackle lift to raise those heavy loads? Special angles for that barn roof you've had in mind? Or a custom trailer? A ski lift? The NASA Crawler? The Inventor’s series building components open up a world of engineering possibilities.

The Inventor’s Kit, with 161 building pieces, is perfect for advanced Rokenbok engineers to extend the fun and play of any existing set. This collection of building components enables expert builders to improvise with diagonal construction using 30 and 60 degree angle blocks and to make articulating machines with pulleys, hinges, swivel blocks, tow hooks, wheels, axles, and more.

Don't forget, you can add the Motorized Remote Control Drawbridge to power your engineering inventions. With winch, axle, and cog drives, the Motorized Remote Control Drawbridge will inspire you to create even more inventions with your Inventor’s Tool Kit.

  • Hones Fine Motor Skills
  • Develops Spatial Thinking
  • Teaches Critical Thinking
  • Promotes Cognitive Development
  • Introduces Engineering and Design Concepts

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This kit has opened up a whole new dimension to my Rokenbok world. Gone are the days of nintey degree angles. You can make your own elevator, taking your builds to new hieghts.
I've even made a trailer to tow behind my monorail, that can be outfitted in any number of ways to carry parts aound my builds. The angle blocks let you build bridges, that look real, and are strong enough to support multiple vehicles without collapsing. This is a great kit that can really take your imagination up a notch.


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