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Our revolutionary blocks let beginning builders make their own ideas come to life.  Unlike other preschool blocks, ROK Blocks allow children to build three-dimensional working models – trucks, cars, planes, helicopters, and more.  And creations stay together for playtime!

A better block.  We thought long and hard about how to make a better preschool building block. We concluded that a better block had to be really  easy to use, build fun models, and be fun for parents too.

Young children's hands are not very strong or well coordinated, so a really good interlocking block has to be self aligning.  Get two ROK Blocks even close together, and their funny shaped cones guide them into alignment.  A little squeeze, and the blocks snap together.  A stacking block won’t hold a child’s attention for long if they can’t make something fun to play with.  ROK Blocks are made in a unique, patent pending way that allows them to stack both up and out in three dimensions. They assemble in thousands more combinations than traditional blocks.  This makes it easy to build fun models like trucks, cars, houses, planes and helicopters.

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