Play Level 4 IconThere is no end to the challenge and creativity that older children will find with the Rokenbok System. Rokenbok is specially designed to make it easy to invent and build your own ideas, even complex structures and cool mechanisms.  The ROK Works Action Set is a great place to start, and then add any building set or vehicle.  The Inventor’s Series adds new levels of capability to any Rokenbok world with pulleys, axles, hinges, angled connectors, and wheels that allow older Rokenbokers to build their own interactive machines.

You can also add the X2 Dual Drive Power Unit to control elevators, draw bridges, custom trailers, cranes, thrill rides, tramways, and more – all with a ROK Star Controller.  With the Inventor's Series building components and the X2 Power Unit, there's just no end to what a creative young mind can invent, build, and operate.

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