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Returns must be made within 60 days of the purchase and be in the original unopened packaging. To facilitate a return, contact a customer service representative who will provide you with an RMA number and further instructions. Customer is responsible for the cost of inbound and outbound shipping. Please see our full returns policy here


All orders ship the next business day. Our standard ground shipping arrives in 3-5 business days. Our shipments are sent out of our warehouse in Indiana.

Rokenbok offers free shipping to Canada on orders above $199 via UPS on products for the home only (toys). This however, does not include the brokerage fee and taxes collected by the Canadian government. Once an order is placed it will ship out the next business day and reach the border in 3-5 business days. There is no tracking information once the package crosses the border. This excludes all Classroom Products. 

Unfortunately, at this time we only ship internationally to Canada. However, Rokenbok can be purchased and shipped internationally using a 3rd party shipping company like or to facilitate the shipment. In a nutshell they provide Rokenbok with a USA address and then forward the package on to you. Rokenbok is not responsible nor do we have any relationship with any 3rd party shipping company. Costs vary. 

Warranty Replacement

Be sure that the sensor area in the bed of the conveyor is clean and free of all debris. More often than not this is merely a battery issue.  Be sure to use brand new, out of the pack batteries. NOTE: Be careful with the battery placement.  It is a little hard to see the + and - signs down deep in the battery compartment, and there is no spring in the lowest cavity, thus resulting in common placement error. Try following these written instructions:

1. Remove the batteries.

2. Turn the conveyor up side down so that you are reading Rokenbok left to right and the battery compartment is in the upper right hand corner of the bottom.

3. Take your first battery and place it into the deepest part of the battery compartment with the positive side facing away from you.

4. Take your next battery place it on top of the first battery, positive side facing toward you.

5. Last battery goes on the left side of the compartment, positive side facing away from you.

The conveyor should turn on automatically.

Broken pieces must be mailed to the warranty department WITH a valid copy of sales receipt. If you purchased directly from the Rokenbok eStore you can submit your broken pieces with your order number, we can access your sales receipt from this number. Shipments received without an order number or sales receipt cannot be warrantied. Once the warranty department receives the broken pieces they will cross check your original order and send out replacement pieces to the address listed in the order unless otherwise specified. 

To warranty an old command system contact a customer service representative and provide a copy of the original sales receipt. 

The warranty on any Rokenbok machine is 6 months from purchase date.

Unfortunately, Rokenbok does not sell individual pieces. You can however find bulk materials and building basics under our construction section in the eStore. 

Rokenbok Warranty

Rokenbok products are manufactured to meet stringent tests for quality, durability, reliability and safety. Our Control electronics and building components are warranted against defects in material and workmanship for a lifetime to the original purchaser when used under normal operating conditions. All machines, mechanics and other parts are warranted against defects in material and workmanship for a period of six months from the date of original purchase when used under normal operating conditions.

During these periods, should the product fail to perform properly, Rokenbok will at its discretion, either repair or replace it. Such repair or replacement shall be free of charge only upon presentation of a sales receipt with proof-of-purchase date sent to the Rokenbok Customer Service Department.

Call or email Rokenbok Customer Service prior to returning any product for warranty repair. The purchaser is responsible for shipping the product to Rokenbok and for all associated freight and insurance costs in connection with such shipping. Rokenbok will incur the cost of shipping the repaired or replaced item to you in the United States or Canada.

This warranty is void if the owner repairs or modifies the product in any way before shipping it to Rokenbok, and does not cover damage or injury resulting from unreasonable use, unauthorized repairs, improper care and storage, or out-of-warranty service. This warranty also excludes any liability other than that expressly stated above, and expressly excluded any incidental or consequential damages except for those states or countries that allow incidental or consequential damages.

Retail Locations

Rokenbok is only available online at and our Amazon store. If you are interested in seeing the product in action we have done our best to put together a very thorough library of product demo videos. While we understand that this isn’t a complete substitute for seeing and touching the products we can assure you that Rokenbok is made of durable and high quality materials which is why we offer a lifetime warranty on all building materials and command electronics. 

Wholesale Accounts and New Vendors

We appreciate your interest in Rokenbok but we currently sell directly to consumers and are not accepting vendor applications. 

Legacy System vs. New ROK Star System

The original Rokenbok system was controlled with radio waves. All the control pads were wired in to a central command unit. Rokenbok stopped manufacturing this system in 2006. The ROK Star system is now controlled with Infra Red technology and is completely wireless. The command deck and radio keys have all been eliminated. All building pieces as well as battery operated accessories are the same and 100% compatible across both systems.

The ROK Star machines are not backwards compatible. The new ROK Star Controllers cannot control the old vehicles and vice versa. The two systems can however, be set up side by side without interference.

No. We no longer carry the legacy system. Everything that you see on our eStore is the ROK Star line. 

We do not have a buy back program for old machines. We do however try to make it easy for customers to transition to the new ROK Star line. Our Power Sweeper is our most popular add-on vehicle and comes with a free ROK Star Controller. This is a great transition vehicle into the ROK Star line. 

Do you have a buy back program for old machines?

We do not have a buy back program for old machines. We do however try to make it easy for customers to transition to the new ROK Star line. Our Power Sweeper is our most popular add-on vehicle and comes with a free ROK Star Controller. This is a great transition vehicle into the ROK Star line. 

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