This November, Rokenbok will become Kid Spark Education. Same great product with a new name and look. Stay tuned!

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Programmable Smart Block.
Build and Customize Your Own Robots.

Setup & Install your ROKduino

Follow along with the tutorial video below to quickly get up-to-speed and start coding your own robotic creations!

Download Installer - Windows
Download Installer - MacOS

Quick Link 

Use this quick link to access curriculum needed for your students. 

STEM-Maker Curriculum Library

Find teacher resources, lesson plans, and videos to teach ROKduino in your classroom. 







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Tech Specs

See what makes the ROKduino tick. 

Output Ports 4 with speed and direction control.
Input Ports 8
Built-in Components Power LED, 2x user-controllable LEDs, speaker, reset button, battery voltage monitoring.
Connectivity Onboard USB mini-B port.
Programming Arduino IDE and ArduBlock Graphical Programming for Mac and Windows. Open Source Library with example programs and curriculum for both textual and graphical programming.
Micro Controller

ATmega32U4 (same as Arduino Leonardo/Micro) Flash Memory: 32 KB SRAM: 2.5 KB EEPROM: 1 KB Clock Speed: 16 MHz


UART header (5V, GND, TX, RX) and Sensor Adapter Cable (Battery, 5V, GND, Analog In; not included) to connect additional sensors, servos, microcontrollers, WiFi, Bluetooth, etc.


3x AAs (not included)


80mm x 60mm x 45mm

Meet the Sensors

Introducing the ROKduino sensor suite, ready for input! Use these snap-in sensors to provide inputs and commands for your robots. 

Light Sensor

Allows a robot to respond to changes in light. Turn on a lamp and watch your robot react.

Light Module

Build a working stoplight, indicate what the robot is up to, or just light up your robot.

Bump Sensor

Bump Sensor works great as a switch or for detecting when a robot bumps into something.

Angle Sensor

Build an odometer to count revolutions, a throttle lever, or measure an angle.

ROK Star Sensor

Receives commands from a ROK Star Controller or another ROKduino.

IR Receiver

Detects infrared signals IR Transmitters. Make sensors that detect when your robot might hit something or when an object breaks a light beam.

High Power IR Transmitter

Send commands to a Maker ROK-Bot or another ROKduino with a ROK Star Sensor nearby, or pair with an IR Receiver Sensor to make a proximity sensor or light gate. 

Low Power IR Transmitter

Sends short-distance infrared signals from a ROKduino. Put a ROKduino right on top of a Maker ROK-Bot and command it with the Low Power IR Transmitter. Pair with a IR Receiver Sensor to make a light gate.

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