Mobile STEM Labs

Mobile STEM Labs

Mobile STEM Labs

Mobile STEM Labs

What is a Mobile STEM Lab?

Rokenbok Mobile STEM Labs are designed to transform any space into a STEM Lab, Maker Space, or Robotics Lab.  Each Rokenbok Mobile Lab is composed of Team Modules, which are easily detached from the mobile base and distributed to student teams.  Each Rokenbok Mobile Lab features:

Team Modules

Easily detached and distributed to student teams of up to four students.

Mobile Base

Caster Wheel

Heavy duty casters and a small foot print make moving from classroom to classroom a breeze.

STEM-Maker Curriculum 

Download what you need, anytime you need it for your students and classroom.

Meet Our Mobile STEM Labs

We help schools design Rokenbok Resource centers, with just the right combination of Mobile Labs to get maximum utilization across grade levels and STEM subjects.  

ROK Blocks 

Grades: K-5

STEM Fundamentals


Grades: 4-12

Design and engineering, CAD and 3D printing

Advanced Projects

Grades: 6-12

Project based STEM and deep parts resource

Basic Robotics

Grades: 3-12

Introduction to robotics and motorized mechanisms

Programmable Robotics

Grades: 6-12

Sensor-driven robotics and Arduino programming


Smart Labs

Download Free Curriculum, Videos, Student Resources, and More.

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Mobile STEM Labs are used with the Rokenbok STEM-Maker Curriculum Library; it’s free, online, and available 24/7.  Teachers download a lesson, video, student resource, or professional development tutorial whenever it suits their needs.  Rokenbok's Mobile STEM Labs and STEM-Maker Curriculum offer a complete K-12 progression of applied STEM learning, and each lab spans multiple grades and a wide range of STEM subjects. 

Heavy Duty Product

Made With Care

Rokenbok Mobile STEM Labs use heavy-duty cases, mobile bases and oversized casters.  They move easily form classroom to classroom.   In each Lab is a carefully organized set of Rokenbok Engineering components, and include a guide to help students return the parts correctly into the Mobile Lab, making sure your Rokenbok Mobile STEM Lab is ready for the next lesson. 


Design & Engineering

K -12 applied STEM education, from building blocks to programmable robotics.


Combines proven models for teaching STEM content with artistic Design-Make-Play experiences that inspires innovation and creativity. 

Our Mobile STEM Labs Are:

 Collaborative. Each module supports 4 students and promotes problem solving and teammwork. 

 Reusable. Carefully curated selection of construction elemenets will support years of use. 

 Organized. Modules snap together on a rolling base, components organize nearly inside.

 Small Foot Print. A compact lab spans a huge range of curriculum

 Heavy Duty. Built to sustain wear and tear.

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The Rokenbok Resource Center

Rokenbok’s staff is expert in applied STEM learning.  We help schools combine the right Mobile STEM Labs to create flexible and economic Rokenbok Resource Centers. 

Team modules are designed for collaboration by groups of four students, and all team modules have the same footprint and use the same interlocking latches.  So, mixing and matching to optimize a solution for your school is easy. 

Let the experts at Rokenbok help you assess your needs and the right solution for your school or youth program. 

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Learning Sequences

Rokenbok Mobile Labs are used for multiple grade-levels, with curriculum downloaded as needed. 

Learning sequences include:

  • Mentored Block Play
  • STEM Fundamentals
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Structural Engineering
  • Computer Aided Design and 3D Printing
  • Introduction to Robotics and Machine Design
  • Introduction to Sensors & Automation
  • Arduino Programming and Robotics
  • Professional Design Cycles (Project Based Integrated STEM)

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