Plan to add the forklift warehouse, crane, defender duel set, inventors tool box, and whatever else santa brings!

We call this build Nick N Bok, and my son made signs to fit inside the brackets and attached them atop the fixture.

We started Rokenboks about three weeks ago by a mistake! We went to our local Hobbytown looking for a slot car track, and while there spent most of the time playing with the Rokenbok demo setup. We decided to forget the racetrack and buy both the Conveyor and Chutes starter kits. An interesting side note is my 1.5yr old daughter loves dropping the balls into the conveyors and watching them roll through the chutes! This set keeps my son busy with the RC and building side, and my daughter as well. Rokenbok truly is fun for the whole family! I cannot wait for the Tower of Rok Mania set to hit the local shelves so we can bring it home and build it into our construction site.

I had an erector set as a kid, lego mindstorms, and just about every other building toys I could get my hands on so I was all for my son playing with this product. I, umm, I mean We, have been bit by the bug and in the last two weeks have added another $300 to our setup. I think we will have to move it out of our living room soon or my wife will remove us!

Thanks for the great product,
Steve aka NicksDad

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