Educational Toys Are Better Than Broccoli


No one ever said the term educational toy had to be on the same plane as green vegetables. But children have this uncanny and rebellious tendency to reject things that are really good for them. Why do you think serving broccoli is like pulling teeth? We're here to rescue you.

Building Set Sale



Rokenbok is excited to announce its last start set sale of the year featuring 25% off our best selling Complete Action Sets.


Lights, Camera, Action!

Last week was chaotic, busy, and a ton of fun. Rokenbok flew out arguably three of our best Rokenbok builders to help design building sets, assemble, and create a new series of Rokenbok videos. Cram three teenage boys, a director, Rokenbok employees, a TON of Rokenbok, lights, tripods, and lots of fancy camera equipment  into our small upstairs lab and you can imagine the insanity that followed. 

Can We Break It?

We love games like this one: How much weight will this bridge hold? It's simple, fun to watch, and most importantly something is guaranteed to eventually break. Win win right? So we were excited to head over to The Ocean Discovery Institute to see what this non profit and their middle school age kids had brewing with bridge building and Rokenbok construction sets That a Fork??!

We challenged Rokenbokers on Facebook to caption the best, funniest, and most bizarre photos we could throw at them...and well, here are the hilarious winners!


Adopt a FlokBot!

We came into the office this morning and someone had left us five orphaned FlokBots! They are so cute and we'd love to keep them...but our CEO said no. So we're holding an adoption!

Prizes for you...and a friend!

Our Xmas in July Toy Giveaway has been a ton of fun and a quick thanks and shout out to all our participants and winners! Since this has been such a blast of a month for us you can expect more fun in the near future so don't be a stranger and visit us on Facebook and Twitter to stay updated! 


Now, for the excitement: 

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This Video Is So Cool!

I was feeling a little guilty about spending so much time playing with Rokenbok construction toys, and not doing serious administrative or marketing work, when a friend sent me a link to this video on YouTube.  The Husky and Polar Bear playing in the first three minutes of the video are enough to make this worthwhile, but I watched the whole thirty minute film, and then when back to building elevators feeling just fine about playing.

Do you agree with Dr. Brown?  I'd love to hear what you think. . .

When In Doubt, Play

It's hard to look at the newspaper these days; the world can seem like a terribly unstable place.  But, somehow we keep finding creative new ways to solve the problems that we create for ourselves.  Playing and creating help me see the world through fresh eyes, and it's a cherished personal retreat when the world seems like it's tearing at the seams.



It’s Great to Be a Toymaker!


Here’s how the Rokenbok Community makes me a ROK Star with our kids:

Welcome to Mr. Rokenbok's Blog

Welcome!  Here is where we will try to give everyone a window into what it’s like to run an educational toy company.  I want to invite you to see how our community is developing, and keep you in the loop as we introduce cool new products, new website features, building challenges, and product promotions.

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