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Science Olympiad Winners

Back in April, William and his teammates competed in the Rhode Island State Championship Science Olympiad in the Mission Possible event. Their objective sounded simple – create a Rube Goldberg machine that fit within a 60cm x 60cm space and could lift a 9 volt battery up and out of the machine - but don’t be fooled.

William, his teammates, and William’s father, Pete, worked every Sunday for five weeks, totaling over 50 hours from the initial concept to the final build. Instead of having to use power tools and wood, they used the Rokenbok Inventor’s Toolbox. This gave the budding builders the opportunity to design and build without needing parental supervision. 

They also chose Rokenbok because it offered them the greatest ease and flexibility in the design and creation of their machine. The Science Olympiad had well-defined constraints for the machines, which forced the team to think conceptually about their problems. They went through a variety of ideas before deciding that using a scissor lift to accomplish their goal would be best.
Once they knew what their solution was, they set to work. It took them three prototype designs of the scissor lift to get it right, but they found that using Rokenbok allowed them to implement and make modifications quickly. The pieces were easy to snap together and could withstand a lot of force.
Their impressive build uses a planetary gear set that attaches to an electric motor. This acts as a winch, and by using swivel blocks, a pulley system, and string it’s able to raise the scissor lift.
Will’s team took 1st place with their ROK’n Rube Goldberg machine! US Senator Jack Reed (seen below) also attended the Olympiad and congratulated the team on their victory.
We wanted to also congratulate William, Pete, and the team for a job extremely well done! We hope to see more awesome Rokenbok builds in the future!
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