This year Rokenbok turned 16 years old, so to celebrate, we held a photo and video contest! A ton of families submitted a bunch of great photos and videos that we really enjoyed, but in the end we had to narrow it down to three winners. Our three winners are:

1) The Boyd Family

Acting, camera movement, and special effects - this video had it all! Seth was inspired to create a Rokenbok video after attending an Apple iMovie summer camp, and it definitely paid off. We really enjoyed the suspenseful storyline and use of special effects, and we're very glad that everybody was able to make it to the Rokenbok birthday party!

2) The Fisher Family

Henry's Rokenbok machines really showed us his strong sense of imagination and problem-solving. These are some mighty impressive machines that we want for our own office (when we aren't too busy working)!

3) The Tymchak Family

The Tymchak's threw a Rokenbok-inspired birthday party, which was a tremendous amount of fun for everybody involved! They were even nice enough to give us a few tips for throwing a Rokenbok party:

  • Building Challenges: teams can make the tallest/widest/strongest structure within a given time limit and win prizes.
  • Driving Obstacle Courses - two kids can compete head-to-head or teams can have relay races.  You can make the course easy or hard depending on their age (drive around a few objects, build a couple ramps, incorporate a bridge, etc.)
  • Defender Challenge - if you have the old Defenders, you can have contests to push each other off the arena floor.  Have two arenas to create a tournament and record their results on a tournament chart.

We hope everybody had as much fun taking photos and video for our contest as we had looking at your entires! Congratulations to our winners! We're certain you'll enjoy your new Rokenbok.

Keep an eye out for our upcoming Holiday Photo Contest for another chance to enter and win more Rokenbok!

And don't forget to like us on Facebook, where you can view all of the other entries and even submit your own photos and videos!

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