We asked for photos of your kids on Christmas morning as they opened their brand new Rokenbok toys and you more than delivered. We received over 100 photos and videos of  children with their new construction sets and remote control vehicles. Their ecstatic reactions were, quite simply, priceless. Thank you to everyone who entered and congratulations to the five winners, who together will receive over $750 in Rokenbok toys.

Grand Prize Winners

Andrea Zanzotto submited a photo of her son and daughter with their new ROK Works Construction and Action Set. We love how focused the duo are on their new toy and it's always great to see siblings playing nicely together. There's enough fun for everyone!

Holiday Winner 1

One of the things that really stands out to me about Rokenbok is how versatile this toy is. Most toys have a relatively narrow age range during which they are age-appropriate and challenging, and as a mother of three (and wannabe minimalist) I've become accustomed to bringing toys in and out of storage as my children grow. The best toys are those that have something to offer at every age and stage. Toys that young children can have fun with, but which have additional levels of complexity for older children (and adults!) to discover and master. Rokenbok is such a toy. Everyone from my preschooler to my husband has been having a blast! Way to go Rokenbok!" - Andrea Zanzotto

Pablo Ospina submitted nearly 20 photos of his adorable son Tomás but this photo is our favorite. The arms up in the air combined with a look of awe perfectly captured his excitement of receiving the Get ROKin' Young Builder Action Set.

Back in November, Tomás (3.5 yrs. old) was watching some online cartoons, and somehow he came across with one of the Rokenbok videos. Since then, he was talking about it all the time, and it was a great timing for a starting set as a Christmas present. His reaction when he opened it was priceless, but even better is to see him now all engaged snapping the blocks, playing with the trucks and the 4 workers that somehow he named "Glen", "Mike", "Roger", and "Clarabell". I'm looking forward to see Tomás' imagination running wild creating structures and God-knows-what-else with Rokenbok sets." - Pablo Ospina

Stephanie Goos-Johnson's photo of her two sons couldn't be more adorable playing with their Monorail. We love the way that the younger boy is looking at his big brother and the happiness on both boy's faces just brings a smile to your face.

Heather Smith's sons received several Rokenbok sets for Christmas, including ROK Works Construction and Action Set, ROK Blocks and the Tower of ROK Mania. We can't decide which is cuter: the matching pajamas or the excited expressions!

Jeff Bowden submitted amazing video of his three boys' reaction to getting Rokenbok for Christmas. Their excitement is contagious! 


Our Runners-Up

We couldn't forget our runners-up! Thank you to Jeremy Grey, Nicole Sayler Forsythe and Carrie Young Gray for submitting photos of your adorable kids with their Rokenbok gifts. 



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