Breaking news! A Mega-saurus T-Rex got loose and has eaten a ROK Worker! Watch the video below! And if you missed the initial video that spurred this news story, you can scroll down to the bottom to watch the original video.

Are you looking for a building block that stimulates and engages your child's mind and hands? Check out our new ROK Block sets! These kids blocks can build amazing things - from the mega T-Rex you saw in the video, to semi-trucks, rocket ships, cherry pickers, and anything else you can dream up.

Block building is important for a child's development and helps build spatial awareness, critical thinking skills, and problem solving. Plus, ROK Blocks are a fun building block for the whole family. An increasing number of studies have also shown that challenging a child with block play at an early age creates large academic and developmental advantages, including a higher propensity for STEM. The New York Times recently published an article about this that you can read here.


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