Welcome!  Here is where we will try to give everyone a window into what it’s like to run an educational toy company.  I want to invite you to see how our community is developing, and keep you in the loop as we introduce cool new products, new website features, building challenges, and product promotions.

Our goal at Rokenbok is to create an ideal environment for learning and creativity.  We call it, “A Low Floor and A High Ceiling.”  A low floor means that the even preschool Rokenbokers can enjoy our building toys.  A high ceiling means ever increasing levels of challenge, even for teenage and adult Rokenbokers. 

A Low Floor  A High Ceiling

A few things you will see us do in 2011 to make our floor lower and ceiling higher are:

  • Add new elements to ROK Blocks and Rokenbok building.
  • Make additional vehicles that use ROK Star control.
  • Introduce an Online Building Portal where Rokenbokers can build in a real 3D design software environment.
  • Offer new and better ways for Rokenbokers to share what they are inventing and learning.  Just like real architects and  engineers, they will be able to use photos, videos, and real 3D engineering drawings to participate in community dialog.

My job is to continue to create a toy system and community where fun and learning collide.  I hope you’ll let me know how I'm doing!  What would you like me talk about here?

Paul Eichen (Mr. Rokenbok),
Founder, Rokenbok Toy Company


I think the blog idea is awesome! Thanks for using my Tri-factory as the picture.

About ROK blocks, I have realized that with my ROK guitar that the neck, which was blue ROK blocks connected using 4 beams, was the strongest bond I have made using Rokenbok. I propose that Green ROK blocks should be made with no ROK glue so that they can just be used with regular beams. That way, Rokenbokers could make things, such as bigger structures, or even tables to put their builds on.


ROK warehouse master (Charlie)

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