We challenged Rokenbokers on Facebook to caption the best, funniest, and most bizarre photos we could throw at them...and well, here are the hilarious winners!


Winning Caption: "Kevin, will you get up and stop screwing around. Optimus Prime over there is about to ruin our build and you know how that ticks me off."

By: Rory Burrill




Winning Caption: "Billy knew he was different from a very young age, the other kids at school always seemed to make matters worse by taunting him with their ability to jump and wear clothes."

By: Rory Burrill



Winning Caption: "Hey, blame the economy."

by: Brian Daniel



Winning caption: "Nope.. no calories in here!!"

By: Carla Spurlin Truett


Winning Caption: "Have we always been this small?"
by Brian Daniel

AND the photos that didn't quite make the contest with our own captions. Enjoy!


Paul had wanted the RC monorail forever but Mrs. Rokenbok said it wasn't practical and insisted they get the power sweeper. Hey, a guy can dream...



After Dave crashed Caitlin's dump truck he knew he was in the dog house. What he didn't know was that flowers we not going to be enough...



Amber laughed when she thought about the gas mileage she got. 125 miles per gallon? Not to mention she could fit in any compact space. Child's play.


Can you caption the last three better than us? We'd love to read your version! Comment below.

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