Traditional Toy Train Sets

Toy Train sets are fun, but pretty one dimensional; you can control the toy trains speed but it won’t interact with its environment do any fun jobs.  Tracks can be hard to set-up for younger children, let alone adding a trestle, switches, or crossings. 


ROK Star Monorail with Power Dump Bed

The Rokenbok Remote Control Monorail is lots more fun than an ordinary toy train because it is a precise, interactive ROK Star controlled robot.  The Monorail's Power Dump-bed can load and un-load itself, and interacts with the water tower, chute systems, the Power ROK Lift, and every ROK Star Machine in the Rokenbok fleet.


The Rokenbok Monorail is our easiest vehicle to drive, and offers multiple levels of function and challenge for even the most advanced Rokenboker. This unique vehicle glides across a track created from standard Rokenbok building pieces!  Add rail switches and crossings, design a station or depot, or build tall trestles and drive your ROK Star Monorail through multilevel Rokenbok worlds.

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