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Rokenbok has a whole system of awesome and fun construction toy sets. We have everything you need to create the ultimate construction toy set adventure in your living room this Christmas. See what we mean when we say it really is Playtime Well Spent. Curious as to what the Top 5 Most Popular Toys at this November 2011? Here they are: 


1) New! Fabulous Four 2 Player Holiday Bundle ($299.95) - Five interactive machines and two ROK Star Controllers makes this two player bundle pack the envy of all the houses on the block. Your kids will have a total blast driving, building, constructing and bonding with each other this holiday. It's also $80 dollars off, which saves Santa some serious cash.


2) Remote Control Dump Truck with ROK Star Controller Special ($64.99) - No construction set is truly complete without a rugged dump truck. This one can more than hold it's own. It boasts a huge bed for carting around balls and barrels and comes with all the bells and whistles. We put our drump truck on promotion by throwing in a five dollar ROK Star Controller. It's too tantalizing an offer to pass up!


3) New! Remote Control Skip Track & Storage Silo ($99.99) - It's here! New Rokenbok building pieces and vehicle. This awesome Skip Track sporting tracks can reach higher and dump more efficiently than any vehicle before it. The Silo, made from new sleek curved windows and small curve beams brings a new level of dynamic building to any Rokenbok construction set.


4) ROK Works Construction & Action Set ($129.99) - The best way to start your Rokenbok collection and a fail safe Rokenbok start set this dynamic complete action set offers everything that makes Rokenbok special. Your child can build and control their whole world with a single ROK Star Controller. This set is a classic and old favorite.


5) Remote Control Monorail with Power Dump Bed ($74.99) - The ever popular Monorail is always a huge hit and one of our favorite products to build and drive with. This holiday build a giant track and drive the monorail all over the living room. From there, cart and drop off balls anywhere with the power dump bed. It will bring a giant smile to you and your child's face.

More favorites are available at the Rokenbok eStore, buy or create your own holiday bundle.

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