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And drum are our top 5 holiday gifts!

This Dozer comes with the Rokenbok Recycling Center. Just push your payload through the sorting station and watch as the balls and barrels are automatically separated into their own storage quarries. When your sorting is complete, use your Dozer to push the ROK balls up the loading ramp and into your Conveyor.

Get ROK’n is a dynamic building set and perfect entry point for your young builder. Playing with construction sets like Get ROK'n jumpstart your youngster's education and will give them an edge on the critical skills they need in school. There are significant demonstrated benefits in playing with construction toys like Rokenbok that promote creativity, STEM learning, out-of-the-box problem solving, and confidence from the earliest age. Rokenbok is more than a high quality, meticulously-designed building and construction system - it’s a set of fun tools that brings growth to your living room floor! Get ROK'n is easy to add onto and will grow with your family. It works with all other products in the Rokenbok system. Start your adventure with this construction set today!

ROk Works includes a complete building set and has everything you need to start your Rokenbok World. And, they are fully modular, which means they works with all Rokenbok machines and building and construction sets. Now, through the holiday it comes with a free Bridge Builder (value $39.99). 

Meet the Rokenbok Maker ROK-Bot. It is a versatile, mobile building platform that makes building robots and mechanical systems easy, fun, and educational.

The Maker ROK-Bot is fully compatible with every element in the Rokenbok engineering system. That means there are thousands of different robots waiting for children to design and build.  The Maker ROK-Robotics Set includes step-by-step plans to create 5 different construction vehicles and is controlled by the included ROK Star Controller.

Our two most popular start sets now come with some amazing gifts. Buy this action-packed 3-player bundle and get a FREE Power Sweeper, FREE Remote Control, and a FREE Night Shift Trailer. (Save $135!)

This set is ideal for siblings (or a parent who still thinks they're a kid!) It includes a complete building set and has everything you need to start your Rokenbok World including three vehicles, three remote controls and two automatic conveyor belts. All Rokenbok sets are fully modular, which means they work with all Rokenbok machines and all building and construction sets. 

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