For those of you who missed it two ROK workers, Bruce and Lynn, met at the end of a bridge building ceremony last year. He saved her life with his forklift when she slipped off the bridge.


Well Bruce knew immediately that he was in love and that Lynn was the one for him. So he bought her flowers. But Lynn wasn't  all that into flowers.


On the next date they went to the candy shop and he bought her chocolate. He thought all girls liked chocolate. She seemed even less interested in chocolate...


Rokenbokers are used to problem solving and resilient so undiscouraged he quickly got to work planning the next date. He brought her on a romantic ferris wheel ride. 
But in the middle of the ride he received a call that there had been an accident
and the construction crew had called for help!

Bruce told Lynn, "Hang tight! I have to go help but I'll be right back." Well, let's just say Lynn wasn't the type to just sit around and wait. 


Bruce was getting into his forklift when...


He realized Lynn had beat him there and was already busy helping with her skip track!


He really was in love! From there on out they didn't waste time with flowers, chocolate, or ferris wheels. They spent all their dates building, driving, and hauling and boy did they fall hard in love! They even constructed a house together. 


And built happily ever after!

So this Valentine's Day skip the chocolate and just build with the family.

Want to build their house? Small curve beams and windows are available in building basics
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