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Rokenbok Education has a strong community presence in San Diego and so we were thrilled when Northrop Grumman engineers volunteered to become Rokenbok trainers, helping with outreach, especially in underserved populations in San Diego.

Later Rokenbok teamed up with Northrop when they invited Rokenbok to support a STEM Day at their main San Diego campus. They hosted over 50 high school students from Coleman Tech Charter High School. Not only was it a great day for building, but students also got the opportunity to talk to Northrop engineers and learn more about what being an engineer means. All of this has led to a permanent, ongoing capacity within Northrop Grumman to mentor students, especially underserved children, in applied STEM education. This can only lead to a larger pool of students in the San Diego community who have the interest, desire, and capacity to pursue science and engineering related careers.

Our Executive Director, Paul Eichen, led the Rokenbok workshop teaching everyone about Simple Machines and how to calculate mechanical advantage in pulley systems. Rokenbok is ideal for teaching non-intuituve concepts through hands-on exploration. All Rokenbok STEM-Maker Curriculum, including the Simple Machines Curriculum used in this workshop, is free and available for download online here. 

Ready to explore a STEM program for your school or organization? contact us here. 

Here are some more photos from the STEM Day:

Science day


Mobile STEM Lab Day

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