Have a peak at some of the coolest Rokenbok buildings from Rokenbok Forum members BidKid, Breaker & Alkhalikoi.

Submitted by: BigKid, Virginia

One of many builds that BigKid has built over the years. The best part is the pieces can be rearranged into different structures, roads, and monorail tracks (over and over and over again). Plus their are always new buildings and machines to add to the fun. Keep an eye out for new Hall of Fame and Rokenbok Favorite Builds to get ideas on your next build.


Submitted by: Breaker, Tennessee

Unfortunately Breaker got grounded and had to endure a Rokenbok Building Set ban. But as Breaker waited for the ban to be lifted from his captors (his parents), Breaker imagined this Christmas Monorail Station. Once the ban was lifted and Breaker could go back to the build, he made every moment count. Who knows, he could be grounded again soon!


Submitted by: Alkhalikoi of California

Alkhalikoi says, " Here's a subway station I am working on. I think the aesthetic of the inside of the station looks great -- especially if you are a fan of the DC metro system, as I am. It's a complete waste of beams, but what the heck? I've got a few more pix, which I'll try to crop down a bit to get on here. "

The possibilities are endless. Submit your pictures to our Rokenbok Forum and you may be the next Rokenbok Hall of Famer.

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