More than 500 kids and their parents were introduced to the joy of Rokenbok at the World Maker Faire held in New York City, September 21 -22.

The Maker Faire brings together all sorts of do-it-yourselfers for a show-and-tell that attracts 150,000 visitors to its Bay Area edition. The event in Queens was probably about half that big, but similarly consisted of displays produced by individuals, groups and companies that ranged from tables of delicate craft work to giant electro-mechanical contraptions. 
The goal of Rokenbok's Maker Faire booth was to bring families together for a communal play date with Rokenbok toys. Rokenbok reached out to Rokenbokkers for volunteers and the "Roken Rollers" play area exhibit was born!
Even though Rokenbok was in direct competition with robots, trapeze acts, and a 3000 sq ft, human-scale Rube Goldberg machine, streams of enthusiastic kids and parents poured through Roken Rollers throughout the two-day show. Beyond that, children spent more time at the Rokenbok exhibit than any other that we witnessed. Stays of as long as 30 minutes were common. Almost all who came through were having their first-ever contact with Rokenbok. The smiles we saw and the stories we heard the visitors tell about their creations assured us that we "built" some new fans.
See all the photos in our Flickr album here.

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