Rokenbok has created a virtual sandbox for Rokenbokers to create any building, structure, machine or idea that you could ever think of using all the 60 different types of parts available. Imagine your favorite build, design it using the CAD model software specifically created for Rokenbok, build your favorite building, structure or machine and then share it with the Rokenbok community. Swap scamatics and blue prints for some of the most unique, coolest builds of all time at Rokenbok Online Builder's Portal.

Online Builder's Portal Beta

We've compiled a library of over 60 detailed parts, from the original CAD models. Use similar tools of what the professionals use. Build almost any Rokenbok model virtually with an unlimited amount of parts! Great for people who enjoy building with Rokenbok, but cannot store as many parts as they need to complete their structure.

Create any building, machine or structure at the Online Builders Portal and get a list of blocks needed to complete the build.  Read tutorials for beginners, intermediate Rokenbokers or advance builders.

Image It! - Imagination is the key! With Rokenbok toys, you can create virtually anything you can imagine.

Design it! - Become the engineer and use sophisticated CAD software to design your creation

Build it! - Prototyping your design finishes the engineering process by building and testing your creation.

Share it! - Upload your digital design to our portal, and share it with others.

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