Justin Padilla has been a Rokenbok champion builder for several years now creating unbelievably complex working roller coasters, Ferris wheels, and tramway systems. We're always impressed that he somehow seems to upstage one spectacular build with a new one. See his YouTube channel of Rokenbok builds here. One day Justin walked into his room to find something he had never seen before. To his excitement he found his younger autistic sister immersed in his Rokenbok collection.

Justin went on to say, "My baby sister who has autism got into my Rokenbok collection and built this on her own! I'm amazed because this is the first time she built something that looks like she was aiming for an idea rather than connecting parts randomly. The whole time she was building she was singing, "Riding on the car! Riding on the car!"


Justin's Ferris Wheel in action can be found here.

Justin's San Francisco Cable Car video can be found here.

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