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The ROK Star Controller is a wireless multiplayer, multi-vehicle remote control system, and the heart of Rokenbok interactive play. Many customers don't realize how capable the ROK Star Controller is, so we've gathered our pro tips to help you make the most of your play:



Did you know you can control multiple vehicles with one ROK Star Controller?

  1. Select first machine you want to operate using the R button
  2. Select a second machine in the same manner
  3. Toggle control between two machines by pressing left forefinger "flash" button



With Cruise Control, automatically control your vehicle for five minutes with ease    

  1. Holding the left forefinger button, press the X button momentarily which will put the machine in forward cruise control mode for approximately 5 minutes
  2. To get out of cruise control mode, either press reverse ("south") on the directional wheel or use the left forefinger and X button combination again
  3. If the machine is left ot run 5 minutes unattended, it will automatically power down



We understand sometimes a little quiet play is in order. Mute all sounds with two easy buttons.

  1. Holding the left forefinger button down and pressing the B button will mute all sounds
  2. Doing this a second time will restore sounds



Slow the speed of a machine for precise maneuvering!

  1. While driving, press and hold the right forefinger button

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