Marble Maze toys are great fun. Youngsters design the paths and then watch as marbles roll through flippers, around and down funnels, across ramparts, spiral ramps, and landing in catch-all hoppers.

We took marble maze fun to a new level for anyone that loves rolling, tumbling, twisting maze action! The Tower of ROK Mania is constructed of standard Rokenbok building pieces, but creates a towering ROK ball processing maze. Use ROK Star vehicles to load ROKs into the Power ROK Lift that takes the ROK balls to the top of the Tower of ROK Mania. This Tower uses some of Rokenbok’s coolest building features, like giant S-beam supports, geared extender racks, and both inside and outside curved chute sections.  Release the ROK balls and watch them twist and turn through a giant maze of Rokenbok chute building pieces.  Then, it’s time to load up the ROKs and do it all over again.



To start the action going, the Power ROK Lift carries two crates of blue and red ROKs up the five story construction tower. The ROKs shoot across the tower and go spinning down dual spirals, in opposite directions!  Double Tipples complete the ROK’s journey, dumping them into twin giant ROK silos that can hold 400 ROKs or more!  Fun to build and even more fun to operate, the Tower of ROK Mania is a great place to give your RC Loader and RC Fork Lift a work out, and to store every one of your Rokenbok ROKs.

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