Last week was chaotic, busy, and a ton of fun. Rokenbok flew out arguably three of our best Rokenbok builders to help design building sets, assemble, and create a new series of Rokenbok videos. Cram three teenage boys, a director, Rokenbok employees, a TON of Rokenbok, lights, tripods, and lots of fancy camera equipment  into our small upstairs lab and you can imagine the insanity that followed. 

The three boys, Charlie age 15, Brandon age 15, and Kyle age 16, told us they had been looking forward to this all summer. In fact we heard things like,

"This is the best day of my entire life!"

"This is a dream come true!"

"Can I pay rent to live in your office?" 


It was wonderful to see the boy's enthusiasm. We all found it particularly ammusing how enamoured they were with our lead product engineer, Dave. Dave usually keeps to himself quietly head burried in his CAD software and 22 inch computer screen but there was no hiding this week. He was a ROKstar. 


"Woooooooooow Dave, is that a YELLOW ROK ball????"

"DAVE DAVE DAVE you should make a ROK Star Elevator! PLLLLLLEEEEEEASE!"

At one point I looked up from my computer to see Charlie had invited the UPS man in off the street and was giving him a guided tour of the office...I just smiled and waved.

By the end of the week we had a lot of great footage, amazing builds, and we are really excited to publish some new Rokenbok adventure videos! So stay tuned...


cool I wish I could be there! but im on the wrong side of the country!

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