This holiday season is filled with toy novelties, but experts agree that there is no better toy for young children than blocks.  Wooden Blocks, alphabet blocks, stacking and interlocking, there all great for your child!  Interlocking blocks allow children to make there own toys, like planes, trucks and houses, and then play with them.  For many years DUPLO brand blocks from LEGO have been the interlocking block of choice. . . until ROK Blocks.

LEGO Duplo
Of course, LEGO DUPLO is the interlocking block giant.  DUPLO has a huge variety of themed sets; farms, airports, construction, you name it.   Although DUPLOs are fun, reasonably priced preschool toys, many don’t include much block play at all.   ROK Blocks are clearly better learning toys.
What makes ROK Blocks special?
ROK Blocks are a more dynamic and creative preschool block choice.
  • Special cones guide the blocks into perfect alignment.  Now, just a little squeeze, and the blocks snap together.  
  • ROK Blocks stack both up and out in three dimensions and can be assembled in thousands more combinations than DUPLO.  
  • Wheeled vehicles, airplanes and helicopters, houses and other buildings are all easy to make.    
  • Because ROK Blocks can make a wider variety of real working toys, they’re fun for parents too.  If there is one thing that’s more beneficial to a child’s learning than any educational toy, it’s playing with their parents.  

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