Here’s how the Rokenbok Community makes me a ROK Star with our kids:

Our current Building Challenge challenge was not designed by a Rokenbok employee, but by Jon Ghidoni, winner of a 2009 Building Challenge.  Here is his winning 2009 ROK Cathedral:

After seeing Jon’s talent, we asked him to design our Architect’s Dream building set.   We introduced Jon's set last year, and then Jon came up with the idea of combining his Architect’s Dream set with our preschool ROK Blocks in the current Low Floor . . . High Ceiling Building Challenge.  Here are a couple of the things folks have been creating for the Challenge:


Last week, one of the contestants in the Low Floor . . . High Ceiling Building Challenge, fourteen year-old ROK Warehouse Master (Charlie), posted this video on YouTube.  He plans to enter his ROK Guitar in the contest. 


I showed my children Charlie’s video, and they insisted we build our own ROK Guitar! I love this combination of regular Rokenbok and ROK Blocks building pieces, and it was a blast building it.

So, a ROK Cathedral contest entry led to the design of a new building set by a Rokenbok customer.  That relationship led to the current building challenge, where all sorts of things we’ve never seen before are being created by combining ROK Blocks with Rokenbok building, including a Star Wars Imperial Walker and an electric guitar.   And then, Ana and Beto make me build their favorites. 

Last night, Beto spotted a garage for slot cars created by a ROK Forum member Greenjo2.  Here’s what we built this morning. . . .

It’s great to be a toymaker!


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