Blocks and construction play may seem insignificant to a child's development but an overwhelming mountain of research is suggesting quite the opposite; That block, building, and construction toys play a quintessential role in the development of young children. They help shape the way kids apply knowledge to the world around them, approach problems, reason, and interact with others. Research also shows that the younger the child begins the greater the rewards.


Unfortunately, construction type toys are often labeled "boys toys" which means that young girls aren't developing the same problem solving, critical thinking, and spatial skills as their young male counter parts. This may not seem like a big deal, but these are the types of toys that get kids interested in math, engineering, and science and have big impacts in school and careers. In today's world 89% of engineers are male. It's critical that we get girls down on the floor building, playing, discovering and learning as well. So next time you get out the bin of blocks make sure the girls are included too.

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