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We received a message from Austin and Mom, Lisa this week. 

"This is my 7 year old son Austin Gregory with his desk.  He has also built a backpack, folder, and lunch box.  Every since he built his desk, he does his homework on it every night.  He absolutely LOVES Rokenbok.  He got his first Rokenbok set two years ago.  During the summer I had to make him go outside, he would have rather played with Rokenbok all day!  As of right now if you ask him what he wants to be when he gets older he'll tell you an engineer or architect.  I truly believe it is because of the great products Rokenbok makes."

We love hearing from customers, but especially love to hear that Rokenbok has helped a child excel in school, get excited about engineering, or developed their creativity. In the 20 years Rokenbok has been around we've talked to hundreds of families who have told us that their children went on to be engineers or architects and that Rokenbok played a large role in that inspiration. 

Do you have a story to tell? We'd love to feature your family in our next newsletter! Post your photos to Facebook or email us at

Austin built a functioning desk and backpack!

A Budding Roboticist

We received this amazing video of Sadie building a remote control cat with her BRAND NEW Maker ROK Robotics Set. We love that she's combined ROK Blocks with the Maker ROK-Bot platform. This Robotics set is perfect for young builders to get started with robotics but also has a lot of advanced capacity as well. Make sure to watch Sadie's video below!

Make sure to send us photos or video (even better!) of your cool Maker ROK Bot builds!

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