No one ever said the term educational toy had to be on the same plane as green vegetables. But children have this uncanny and rebellious tendency to reject things that are really good for them. Why do you think serving broccoli is like pulling teeth? We're here to rescue you.

Our educational toys totally engage children in a way that bolsters learning, childhood development, and stimulates creativity and problem solving.  Young children that play with ROK Blocks develop motor skills by pushing self aligning blocks together to build toys of their own design. Kids who build their first truck, robot, or airplane feel accomplished and proud of their creations. With our robotic educational toys, soon the squabbling will stop and big brothers and little brothers will share remote control vehicles and collaborate to build higher together.

Rokenbok brings families together to play and learn.  But children don't care if they are playing with an educational toy that's accelerating learning and honing skills; they just want to have fun with remote control dump trucks and great building blocks. So just don't tell them it's good for them. 

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