We've been busy planning, creating, and building at Rokenbok HQ. We're rolling out 7 new ROK Block products that are being packaged in clear plastic storage bins for easy access and clean up.

Q: How do new products get designed?

Often our most talented and creative builders go up in the toy lab and just try to create something new that they think customers will love. It's a lot of fun to see what builders come up with. Only their best creations will ever make it to the eStore. After an initial build is created and has potential it under goes several rounds of tweaks to try and make it better and stronger.

A lot of logistical and tactical things follow like creating parts counts and bills of materials for production.

Q: What inspires products?

Quite frequently customers photos or videos inspire our new products and builds. This was certainly the case when we saw Robert Olski's T-Rex ROK Block dino on Facebook and immediately everyone thought, "We have to make that!" The Dino was especially challenging because it kept breaking apart due to its large size. The T-Rex went through many rounds of modification to make it lighter, stronger, and with less pieces. It's one of our all time favorite ROK Block builds.

Q: When are the new ROK Blocks products available?

Our 7 new ROK Blocks products that range from little dinos, flying machines, to our massive T-Rex which will be available starting the 17th of July!

Q: I have ideas for new products. How can I contribute?

We'd love to see your ideas! If you create something spectacular and it reaches the eStore we'll send you one free of charge. Submit photos (or even better videos) to the Rokenbok Facebook Page.


Here's a little sneak peak at what we've been up to.


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