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Here's a list of our amazing customer builds! Number 5 goes to... 


Isn't this just the perfect place to have a robot competition? This amazing contraption was built by a Rokenbok forum member! It's over 6 ft long and uses hundreds of Rokenbok pieces! We especially like the bleacher seating. When there are large crowds, it's a must have!



Look at this amazing cathedral build! It was built by Jon, who spent months planning, designing, and building this massive cathedral. This particular build uses over 1000 Rokenbok pieces. You can see he meticulously planned everything- down to the lights, pews, altar, and "stained glass" interior.  



This cool tower was first created in 2009 and holds the record for the tallest Rokenbok tower. It soars 20 feet into the sky and even has two functioning elevators that are capable of lifting passengers to the top in just seconds!



This unbelievable Rokenbok contraption was dreamt of by Justin Padilla - master Rokenbok builder and aspiring engineer. With just one press of his ROK Star Controller, the whole contraption can continuously move multiple balls without dropping them! Pretty amazing...




This incredible drag racer was built by Professor Mike Neden, who instructed teachers how to teach STEM at Pittsburg State University. He was an avid Rokenboker and used nearly every component from all of our sets throughout his lessons in his adult classroom. This dragster stretches a whopping 6.5 feet and is fully functional! It’s built with a combination of Rokenbok and ROK Block parts.

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