Since Rokenbok is celebrating our 16th birthday this month, we thought we'd share some of our favorite construction-themed birthday cakes for inspiration. Check out our Pinterest boards for additional birthday ideas!

Some of these photos include links to the blogs or websites that they were originally featured on. Click these links for more information.

It seems that adding crushed Oreo cookies is a popular method of recreating dirt, as in these first two photos.

The first cake is by Love to Be in the Kitchen and there are instructions on the blog for making everything from the frosting to the sign.

Using various candies to simulate rocks, logs and more is another popular method of decorating a construction birthday cake.

Heidi's Heavenly Cookies highlighted a cake that uses marshmallows for snow, Twix bars as logs, tootsie rolls for tree stumps and Heidi's Heavenly Cookies Toffee Dust for the road.

This multi-level cake uses malt balls for boulders.

This creative cake uses several different types of candies as well as crushed Oreos to make the recipient's age stand out.

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