Lynn and Bruce our dashing and newly engaged Rokenbok couple decided to take a celebratory trip to the city. As misfortune would have it King Kong escaped and managed to capture Lynn. Luckily Bruce was there with the help of the Rokenbok crew to save the day but the whole event left everyone a little shaken.

Thanks Alison and Caden for capturing the action for us!

But the next day the couple seemed to have vanished!

Rumors are running rampid. Where are Lynn and Bruce? Some say they've been spotted fighting Anacondas in the Amazon, others swear they've seen them building a sky scraper in Hong Kong, we thought we might have seen them at a burger joint down the road....but no one can be certain!

Help us find Lynn and Bruce!



Take a series of photos that tell a story of where Lynn and Bruce are. Make sure it's a great adventure!

Post your photos on Facebook with story captions. You can post as many different stories as you like.


The photographers of our two favorite stories will each win a vehicle and appear in our newsletter.


-Creative and funny photos

-Interesting and original story

-Prominent display of Rokenbok

-Good lighting, photo in focus, overall composition


Have fun!



May 31, 2012

*Limited to USA and Canada

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