Rokenbok is playing Santa this holiday season and giving away ROK Star controllers for just $5 with the purchase of the Remote Control Dump Truck, Power Sweeper or X2 Dual Drive:


Remote Control Dump Truck with ROK Star Controller Special- The Remote Control Dump Truck is especially easy to operate because it loads and dumps from the front.  Effortlessly guide the Remote Control Dump Truck into a loading dock to pick up cargo, or pull right up to a Conveyor to dump your load of ROKs.  Even the most advanced Rokenbokers will want a Dump Truck as part of their Rokenbok world, because of its huge capacity for moving cargo.

Power Sweeper Value Pack- The Power Sweeper is Rokenbok’s most popular vehicle.  We added a free ROK Star Controller to make a special Value Pack. . . a great way to start your Rokenbok experience.


X2 Dual Drive Power Unit with ROK Star Controller Special -The X2 is an all new ROK Star machine dedicated to powering Rokenboker invented machines.  Power-up and control elevators, draw bridges, cranes, thrill rides, tramways, excavators and more - all with your ROK Star Controller.

Spend Over $99 and Get $35 Coupon!

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