Looking for something new and fun to build with your ROK Blocks? Try making this Transformer Robot! The arms and head can move using a swivel and hinge blocks!

1. Gather the pieces you'll need from the part count below.

2. Start by building the legs. The red blocks on the side will help stabilize the robot.

3. Build the torso and connect it to the legs

4. The arms are connected to the body using 4 hinge blocks, 2 per arm. These are the trickiest to snap in and a parent may need to help with this step. 

5. Attach the head with a swivel block so that it can turn.

6. Have fun conquering the living room!

Pro Tip: Pay attention to the orientation of the triangle nubs on the ROK Blocks. 

We've included a parts count of everything you need plus some detailed pictures to help you. Don't have exactly all the parts you need? That's ok! Modify your build with what you have or pick up some additional ROK Blocks here

This Transformer Robot is made of ROK Blocks!

Here are all the pieces you'll need to make this build:

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