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This video was sent to us last Christmas, and it's still one of our favorites, so we had to share it again!

Jeff Boden and his wife have three budding engineers who love to build. Their oldest had been asking for Rokenbok and watching our videos for 3 years. Well, last Christmas his wish came true.

Jeff said, “My wife and I had no idea there would be such an extreme reaction. But, I suppose that is the reaction you get when a kid has been asking for Rokenbok for Christmas for 3 years. That's 3 years of fulfilled hopes and dreams exploding out of a 7 year old boy!”

Watch this priceless reaction when he discovers that Santa brought the family Rokenbok!

Dad continued and said, "They are having a blast with the Rokenbok sets and are eager to show all of their friends. In fact, we had a small get together on New Year's Eve, and one of our adult friends (who is 37), after getting the demo from our 7 year-old, said to his wife, "I want these for Christmas next year."'

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